Oppo F11 Pro Review: Rising above the competition

Pop up selfie cameras that give way to bezel-less screens are one of the main smartphone trends of 2019 and Oppo pioneers in such innovation. Earlier the company launched the Oppo F9 which was a great leap forward from its predecessor Oppo F7 and now the company is going all in with the Oppo F11 Pro, a device that is equipped with all the essentials of a modern device.

In a time where almost all the smartphones look-alike with almost the same design language, Oppo F11 Pro stands out with an edge to edge display, a pop-up camera, and amazing color. Let’s dive in our Oppo F11 Pro review to find out the truth about the device.


If you think the design is the best part of this phone, you are right because it really packs a head-turning design. Oppo F11 Pro has a glossy finish and premium look. The phone comes with a unique gradient design which employs nano printing technology that looks pretty amazing and makes it a visually stunning device.

Oppo F11 Pro Back

Honestly, during the Oppo F11 Pro review, it was difficult to tell whether the phone has a glass body or plastic one. The finish is just amazing and even with the plastic body, you get the feel of glass.

Our unit of Oppo F11 Pro was Thunder black and it was a joy to look at. The gradient on this one goes from blue to black to purple colors and looks amazing. A dual camera lies in the spine of the device and a fingerprint scanner just beneath it.

Oppo F11 Pro Chargiing Port

The design aesthetics of the phone are on point. Especially the camera strip on the back looks great and distinctive. On the top side of the device, you get a pop-up selfie camera and the bottom of the device contain the micro USB charging port, a headphone jack, and a single speaker.

Oppo F11 Pro Mic on TOp

During our Oppo F11 Pro review, the speaker placement did not bother when using the phone in landscape mode for gaming. However, it was disappointing to see that the company chose not to include the USB Type-C and instead went with the traditional micro USB charging port.

Oppo F11 Pro Power Button

The right side of the device has a power key and dual hybrid SIM card slot where you can either use two SIM cards or you can just use one SIM card along with a micro SD card. The left side contains nothing but the volume rocker.

Oppo F11 Pro Volume Rockers

The front of the phone is an edge to edge almost bezel-less screen. We say almost because there are still very minute negligible bezels. There may come a day when we may get devices with a high screen to body ratio as 100%, but till then, this will have to do.

Oppo F11 Pro Bezzel Less Display

As for the device, the fingerprint scanner and the buttons of the device are conveniently within reach. The plastic back provides quite a comfortable grip but can prove to be a fingerprint magnet which is why you would definitely want to snap on the cover that comes with the Oppo F11 Pro.

Oppo F11 Pro pop-up Selfie Camera

Even though the phone is bezel-less and flashy and all, its big size is what adds to its weight and might tire your hands down if you use it with one.

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Oppo F11 Pro Display

Oppo F11 Pro comes with a huge 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel that packs a resolution of 1080x2340p. You won’t see any notch or any cutout hole like the Galaxy S10 Plus here. It’s almost all the screen on the front, thanks to the pop-up camera.

As we continued with our Oppo F11 Pro review, we noticed that though the screen gives you a pleasant viewing experience because of the extended estate, it is also a problem for one hand usage. Basically, you are unable to reach the entire upper half of the device easily with one hand.

Coming to the quality of the display, as we said, it offers great viewing and gaming experience but that too when you are indoors. The outdoor viewability is compromised.

Oppo F11 Pro Display in Sunlight

The display on the F11 Pro is very reflective so reading emails and text messages, is extremely difficult if you are out in the sunlight. This stays the same even if the brightness is cranked to full.

The display of the Oppo F11 Pro exhibits balanced colors and great viewing experience and had it not been so reflective, it would have been a perfect screen.

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Just like the Realme 3, Oppo F11 Pro also comes with the Android Pie based Color OS 6. The key difference is of the optimization, which is a lot better on the F11 Pro because it is almost double the price of the Realme 3.

Oppo F11 Pro User Insterface

That being said, we still don’t like parts of the UI in the Color OS. The icons are still big and cartoonish and the quick setting toggles are ugly looking huge buttons that take up a lot of space on the screen. Color OS now comes with a stock Android style app drawer which you can pull up from the bottom to reveal all apps.

The gesture game is strong with the Color OS in Oppo F11 Pro. You can navigate through the phone with a number of Android Pie gestures. There is also a variety of Color OS gestures to choose from.


Oppo F11 Pro Navigation Settings

You can also activate gestures to launch apps or take actions like start and stop the music player, double tap to wake the screen or draw any desired letter to turn the screen off.

Oppo F11 Pro Screen Off Gesture Settings


A smart bar is also embedded in the user interface that can be accessed by swiping inward from the edge of the display. It contains customizable app shortcuts and other toggles like screenshot and screen recording.

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Oppo F11 Pro is power packed with MediatekHelio P70 in combination with 6 GB RAM, 128GB internal storage and Mali-G72 MP3 GPU. This is obviously not the most powerful set of the internals but it does the job quite well.

The Helio P70 chipset is claimed to have a 13% performance boost over its predecessor Helio P60, the one we saw in the Realme 3. The performance of both the devices, therefore, is miles apart. Here are the benchmark scores of the Oppo F11 Pro.

Oppo F11 Pro Benchmarks

In our real life Oppo F11 Pro review, the handset was more than responsive, the apps were quick to load and not for a single time did we come across any trace of lag or stutter.

Navigating through the phone’s UI is also smooth. We specifically noticed that touch sensitivity is better optimized in the device. You might not be able to tell this normally but when scrolling through your Instagram feed, you can clearly feel it.

Oppo has also equipped the F11 Pro with Hyperboost for a better daily performance and gaming capabilities and it works like a charm. The general app launch time and the swipe downward or upward time as well as going back to the previous screen has improved a lot due to the Hyperboost.

Coming to the heavy usage, we loaded the Oppo F11 Pro with many resource-intensive games to check the real-life performance. Playing games like the Asphalt 9, PUBG was not a problem at all and the device never lagged or stuttered thanks to the Hyperboost technology.

The multitasking is also smooth and even with the animations, the phone doesn’t lag when switching from one app to another. The transition is smooth and clean.

However, the phone heated up pretty quickly after we opened almost 25-30 apps with 15 websites opened in Google Chrome. Oppo F11 Pro handled all the stress breezily and came out a champ and even the heating issue did not affect the performance.

Oppo F11 Pro 3 Hours Battery Test

The phone packs a 4000mAH battery and supports the company’s famous VOOC 3.0 fast charging system which can get it to 50% in 30 minutes even though it has a micro USB charging port

In our real life Oppo F11 Pro review, we noticed that the although phone’s battery consumption is efficient, it’s not as great as its performance. Despite the massive battery, it consumed 13% in one hour with light usage which included just browsing the social media, a little bit of calling, texting and snapping a picture or two.

The heavy usage, however, exhibited better battery consumption, draining only 16% battery in one hour which means that it can give you a full day’s worth of social media, emails, YouTube, gaming, and some light web browsing.

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Oppo F11 Pro Camera

Oppo F11 Pro proudly runs with the big guns like the Honor V20 in terms of camera pixel count. Backed by AI, it has a 48MP main shooter plus a 5MP lens for sensing depth.

For the selfies, the AI selfie camera is a 16MP snapper that sits in the body of the phone and pops out smoothly whenever you open the front camera via the camera app.

The camera app also received a much simple and clutter free UI. There are three main categories i.e. Photo Video, Portrait. Once you select a category, you can access its subcategories from the options on the left. There is also a Dazzle color mode which enhances the saturation, similar to the Chroma boost we saw in the Realme 3.

Oppo F11 Pro Camera Interface

By default, the main rear camera is set to shoot images in 12MP, but you can change it into 48MP in the camera settings for better details when you zoom in. Note that if you use the 48MP, you’ll lose some features like HDR, AI scene recognition, dazzle color, digital zoom, and filters.

Shooting in broad daylight delivers the best results, with decent colors, appropriate exposure, contrast, and high dynamic range. The pictures come out sharp and punchy.

Auto Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Auto Mode

The Dazzle color, however, blows out the highlights in the picture but the HDR maintain the integrity of the image by balancing the saturation and details instead of just wildly cranking the color saturation.

HDR Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

HDR Mode

Dazzle Color Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Dazzle Color Mode

Picture with Auto Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Auto Mode

Picture with HDR Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

HDR Mode

Picture with dazzle Color Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Dazzle Color Mode

Normally the color saturation is relatively high by default. Whether you turn the Dazzle color off, you’ll still get a pretty saturated picture with punchy colors. While some may like it, some just prefer the natural looking photos. Oppo F11 Pro does not support optical zoom and has only 4X digital zoom, which produces horrible results.

Building Picture with Auto Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Auto Mode

Building Picture with HDR Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

HDR Mode

Building Picture with 4x zoom on Oppo F11 Pro

4x zoom

The HDR is, however, inconsistent and even with backlight, it sometimes fails to brighten up the subject in the picture, Dazzle color, however, does a great job and not only enhances the colors but also brings details to the structure and brightens up the image.

Badshahi Mosque Picture with Auto Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Auto Mode

Badshahi Mosque Picture with HDR Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

HDR Mode

Badshahi Mosque Picture with Dazzle Color Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Dazzle Color Mode

In low light scenarios, the night mode performs really great. Even though with the help of AI, the camera itself recognizes night mode and takes average pictures but if you turn the night mode on manually, you are greeted by some amazing pictures.

Minera-e-Pakistan Picture at night with Auto Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Auto Mode

Minera-e-Pakistan Picture at night with Night Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Night Mode

Minera-e-Pakistan Picture at night with 4X Zoom on Oppo F11 Pro

4X Zoom

Picture at Night with Auto Mode on OPPO F11 Pro

Auto Mode

Picture with night mode on oppo F11 Pro

Night Mode

With a well-lit subject, the HDR, however, does not make any difference but the night mode really does the job of controlling the lights pretty adequately but somehow manages to dull the colors like in the picture below.

Building Picture at night with auto Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Auto Mode

Building Picture at night with Night Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Night Mode

Building Picture at night with Dazzle Color Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

Dazzle Color Mode

As for the selfies, the front camera performs great even against the sunlight. Although I have a reservation that it brightens the picture up too much which evidently diminishes details from the subject, leaving the picture on the softer side. Other than that the selfies come out just fine.

Selfie at Day with Oppo F11 Pro


Selfie at Night with Oppo F11 Pro

Selfie at night

The portrait mode in selfies is also a charm to use. Though it slightly confuses the subject with the back and in turn slightly blurs out part of the subject, but that only happens when the background matches your skin tone or your clothes. Other than that the edge detection is great.

Our Oppo F11 review revealed that neither its camera is star-spangling awesome, nor is it a bad performer. Though I would say its more than a good camera, it still needs to improve.

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Features like an amazing design, an innovative color gradient, and a pop-up selfie camera make the Oppo F11 Pro more desirable. Not only that, but a great performance and a pretty decent camera also add flavor to the phone.

Oppo F11 Pro is definitely going to heat up the midrange smartphone market and will be a direct competitor to the Vivo V15, which also launched with almost the same specs, although it performed way better than the V15.

A stunning design and great performance are the huge plus points of Oppo F11 Pro but the display lets you down sometimes. Also, if you are into compact and handy phones, this might not be a wise choice then. Other than that, it was pure joy using this device.

8 Total Score
Our Score

Oppo F11 pro comes as a strong contender for the mid-range throne. Does it pack enough potential to rise above the crowd?

  • Amazing design
  • Immaculate performance
  • Good camera
  • Great battery
  • Huge size
  • poor usability
User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)


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Talha Khan
Talha Khan

It performed very well. From design, to performance, to camera everything seems good. USB type c is what I hope it would had. Nevertheless it looks good and indeed a competitor to recently launched vivo V15.


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