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9Apps vs Google Play Store: Which is the Best App Store for Android?

Google Play store is one of the largest channels for the distribution of smartphone apps but there are many others that claim to be the best app store for Android. Here we will compare the Google Play store with yet another famous 9apps app store and see which one has the better value.

Both the Play store and the 9apps have tens of thousands of apps and while both may seem similar to an average user, they have a ton of differences. So let’s get on with it to tell which is the best app store for Android.


When it comes to security, nothing can beat the Google Play store. The apps on Play Store are verified by Google Play protect. Google Play Protect is Google’s built-in malware protection for Android.

Indoctrinated with machine learning algorithms, Google Play protect ensures that you download apps that are malware-free. Not only that but it also scans the apps on your device that are downloaded from the Play store to ensure the security of the device. Moreover, because of AI, it is always improving in real-time.

Sadly 9apps does not have any such mechanism and hence can prove to be malicious sometimes. The modded apps on the 9apps store may contain some unwanted malware or bloatware along with them, so security is definitely a win for the Google Play store.

Modded apps and Third-party apps

One of the biggest reasons that users head towards third-party stores like the 9apps apps store is that you can find almost all kinds of modified apps there. Meanwhile, in the Play store, you can’t find such apps.

Let’s say you are looking for any cracked or modified version of any of the best launchers for your Android phone, 9apps will surely be of your help and may let you download that specific app for free while on the Play store you might as well pay for such an app.

Not only modified apps, but you can also find third-party apps that the Play store has restricted because of the violation of Google’s terms like the YouTube downloaders

Language Support

The biggest downside of the Google Play store is that it does not provide any other language support except English so users cannot switch languages according to their choice. 9apps, being the best app store for Android, offers all details of its content in regional languages too.

This results in an even bigger pool of users simply understanding the instructions and descriptions under every app. The translations are pretty accurate and reliable too so a person that speaks any other language except English can easily read out the description and understand.

Data Compression

9apps uses an advanced algorithm to compress the size of the apps available and since they are only available in the APK format, this alone makes the app size even smaller and easier to download.

This in turn also helps you in saving your data as it does not hog your precious internet bundle. Browsing through the apps is also very convenient and you don’t lose much data. Adding to that, the small app size also does not take up too much memory on your phone.

Data Tracking

Everything you do, every website you are on and any app you use are using data that Google has access to for keeping track of their users. Contrary to that, 9Apps does not care about any of that so you can fearlessly download and install any app you want using 9Apps as your data will not be tracked.


Both the Play store and 9apps are two of the best app store for Android but both have their pros and cons. In popularity, of course, the Google play store is miles ahead of its competitors whereas 9apps is a hub of a much wider and diverse collection of content and even comes with a smaller size and snappier performance.

Google Play store is definitely the winner in security as it also has a Play Protect mechanism that filters out malicious apps and lets you download clean apps for your phone. In terms of premium apps, 9apps is the winner as it lets you download various premium apps for free.

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