xiaomi poco m3 battery test

Xiaomi Poco M3 Battery Test: 6000 mAh isn’t Outstanding

Xiaomi Poco M3 battery features a 6000 mAh gigantic battery accompanying an 18W charger with fast charging support and the ability to reverse charge.

The beautifully designed mobile phone has a unique rear that holds a triple camera setup comprising a 48MP primary lens, a 2MP depth sensor, and another 2MP for macro shots that equally work for videos.

Coming back to the battery of Poco M3, we charged the phone fully to notice the actual charging time that turned out to be 2 hours and 36 minutes. So far, the phone scores a better charging time in the list of our other 6000 mAh phones.

In our second test, we drained the battery fully by running a video in a loop as long as the battery survived. This test gave us a fair idea about the approximate battery backup.

We have published a detailed video about the Xiaomi Poco M3 battery test on our YouTube channel. Find it below to watch the video fully or keep reading to find out the results.

So the battery of the Xiaomi Poco M3 took 13 hours and 58 minutes to exhaust fully. We can comfortably say this is not the best drain time on our list. We have seen much better performance from the phones with either similar or smaller batteries, such as Tecno Pova, realme C12Samsung Galaxy A21sSamsung Galaxy A31.

Our third test is all about running resource-hungry apps on 4G mobile data. In 30 minutes, each app ate away the following battery percentage.

  • Instagram = 5%
  • Video recording = 7%
  • Sound Cloud = 3%
  • YouTube = 5%
  • GSM Call = 2%
  • WhatsApp Video Call = 6%
  • PUBG = 7%
  • TikTok = 6%

In this third test, the phone performed fair enough by draining a total of 41% battery life in 4 hours on the mobile data, which once again stands among the high battery eaters on our list.

Overall, the Xiaomi Poco M3 is an average performer in terms of battery backup. The charging time is better in the entry-level segment, but it’s the drain time, which is more of an average figure.

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