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Does Xiaomi Smartphone Steal Data? 10 Things You Must Know

China-based startup Xiaomi has emerged as one of the leading smartphone brands globally and particularly in the Indian market. Following European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the company has updated its privacy policy and terms and condition for Xiaomi smartphone buyers.

The new privacy policy of Xiaomi came into effect on May 25, 2018. Everyone needs to learn what information you will give before buying the company’s smartphone.

1. Basic Personal Information

As per the new policy of the company, Xiaomi will collect necessary information about the customers, including name, birthday, gender, and the information you will upload to their servers.

2. Contact Information

Once you purchase a Xiaomi smartphone, you agree to provide the company with information including contact number, email address, and all other information of the users present on the device.

3. Bank and Credit Card Details

The new policy of the company states the company will collect bank account details, credit card information, and other financial details if complete, the smartphone purchase is carried out on Mi.com or other Mi platforms.

4. Work and Workplace Details

It will be a surprise for the Xiaomi smartphone users to find that the company will now collect social information like job title, workplace details, educational background, professional training background, and others.

5. House Address

If the Xiaomi smartphone users make purchases on Mi.com and get the order delivered to their house address, the company may store information related to your house address.

6. Government ID Cards, Passport, Driving License

The company may now also collect Xiaomi smartphone users’ details of government IDs, passports, and driving licenses.

7. Photos and Data on Mi Cloud

The company will also collect any data stored or synched with Mi Cloud by the users of the Xiaomi smartphone, and it may include contacts, emails, and information provided in apps like photos.

8. Device or SIM Information

The company has informed the users it may collect information related to SIM or Xiaomi smartphones, including IMEI number, IMSI number, serial number, MIUI version, and other information.

9. Location Information

The company may collect location information like country code, city code, mobile network code, mobile country code, cell identity, longitude and latitude information, time zone settings, and language settings for providing certain services.

10. Users Have the Option not to Share Information

The company has an option for its users not to share the above-mentioned information, but in that case, the users will not enjoy Xiaomi smartphone products and services.

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