These Are the Top Free VPN Apps for Android

VPNs, also popularly known as proxy services, have become increasingly popular as well as more refined and sophisticated over the past few years.

We understand why would you eant to use a VPN app. With all the online privacy and saftey and that encryption that you’ve heard about, or may be you just want to access the part of internet that is restricted in your area or country and you don’t even want to pay a single penny for that.

All of these reasons have finally brought you to our list of the top free VPN apps that you can use on your Android device to get the most of what you want.


it is one of the fastest VPN services that you can currently avail on your Android phone. You can use up to 10GB data for free using this proxy app. It also contains a built-in browser to surf your favorite content without being bothered by restrictions

Besides successfully hiding your identity to protect you from malicious activity online, it also offers a built-in ad-blocker so you can surf without the over-whelming pop-ups.

Hotspot Shield

If you are specifically after fast browsing speeds, Hotspot shield is for you. The windows version of this proxy app was also very popular back in the day and the same goes for its Android counterpart which is considered among the best free VPN apps.

It offers both, free and premium version. The free one limits your surfing data to 500MB per day. Although you might get lightning fast browsing and surfing, since the free version is supported by ads, get ready to be annoyed by the agitating pop-ups and excessive notifications once you connect to the service.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is arguably the best VPN we have ever used but the only thing that is keeping it from topping this list is the limited amount of data it allows you to surf in security.

Owned by McAfee, Tunnel Bear provides approximately 1000 servers in 20+ countries and offers 256-bit encryption. Although it provides a 500MB data for the whole month, you can tweet them to acquire 1 GB more data.


SuperVPN is another easy to use and quite user-friendly proxy app. With more than 50Million downloads, it has left quite a footprint when it comes to the top VPN apps.

The good thing is that it encrypts all your sent and received data without having to ask for a change in any system settings. Unlike other VPN apps, you also don’t have to sign in or make an account to start browsing. Just install, open, connect and voila! you can browse everything safely.

Hide.Me claims to be the world’s fastest VPN. While in our observation that may not be true, we still think its worthy of making to our top VPN apps list. Just like most of the proxy apps in this list, hide me also provides both the free and pai version.

The free one, however, has some limitations like only 2GB data per month along with only 3 server locations. You can also connect only one device in the free version. Despite all the shortcomings, we still think is worthy of its inclusion in the list of top free VPN apps for Android.

Hola Free VPN Proxy

As its name suggest, Hola VPN is a completely free app that is hardline focused on securing data and unblocking the restricted content by connecting to the fastest servers automatically from its servers located in more than 190 countries.

Moreover, it is the first VPN in the world that is a peer-to-peer proxy which means it tunnels its encrypted signals through the connection of its users instead of connecting from a pool of its servers directly.

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  1. A very good list. I used hotspot shield from this list when you know Facebook was banned. It worked great with speed.

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