Best Task Management Apps for Smartphones

Task management is an important element in an official environment. You always have to remain one step ahead by planning your daily tasks and without which you won’t be able to accomplish things throughout your busy routine. Be it the individual tasks or the collective goals, task management apps on your phone help you accomplish them smoothly.

Since most of today‚Äôs phones don’t have a dedicated app to maintain your to-do lists, so you have to rely on third-party apps to do so. Following are some of the must-have apps that make your task management more convenient.

We’ll keep adding to the list if we find any other app having the potential to make its way here. lets you create and plan task lists that can both be personal or can be shared with your colleagues. You can use separate lists with respect to days of the week. The app also syncs with your phone’s calendar to add your calendar’s tasks to the list.

You can prioritize tasks, add reminders to them and upon marking the task completed, your teammates get notified. Uploading an attachment and adding a subtask or a comment cannot be done in the free version, however, you can add notes to certain tasks in the web version. is a convenient task management app that empowers the user to take control of his/her tasks by prioritizing them accordingly. Nonetheless, the app comes with some restraints in the free version, and if you are thinking of ditching Any. do, then keep on reading about our selection of other task management apps.

Wunderlist has been named the best to-do list app by The Verge in 2017 and is considered one of the best-rated to-do apps on Apple store. It offers a ton of features so you can perform your personal and workplace task management flawlessly. Wunderlist lets you create a to-do list and tag the tasks according to their importance.

You can also avail yourself of features like commenting on a task, uploading files or adding a subtask for free which most of the other apps provide in their premium versions. You can also add separate lists for different purposes.

You can share lists, start a conversation about your to-dos and set reminders for your to-lists and add a due date. All in all, Wunderlist is a wonderful app to manage your tasks at the workplace.

Todoist is another great app for planning your tasks at the office and has an array of features that you can usefully avail to your convenience. Although Todoist does not offer many options in the free version as compared to Wunderlist, it is still a well-designed app with a clean UI.

You can chalk out your tasks in respect of days of the week and create different lists while prioritizing a certain task with color-coding. However, commenting on a task, assigning a label, and setting a reminder can only be done in the premium version of the app which is a bit nuisance for the people using the free version, but if you get your hands on the paid version, it’s definitely worth it.

These are our top charts for task management apps as of now. However, if being a busy office worker, you tend to install too many apps on your phone and resultantly it slows down, worry not! there are several ways to speed up your phone so you don’t have to worry about lagging behind your preset goals.

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