Best Document Editing Apps For Smartphones

With an excess of communication in the workplace, you also need to collaborate so that the office work may be streamlined and accomplished properly. When it comes to documentation, the more you collaborate with your workmates, the more refined documenting results you attain.

There are various document editing apps that let you create and edit documents and share them with anyone you want.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular document editing apps. You can create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides, and since it is a cloud-based suite you can have access to all of your documents from any device once you log in to your Google account.

There are numerous templates in the app that let you produce your documents and sheets in your desired layout by sharing and editing the documents in real-time. Its best option remains the autosave where it automatically saves every single change made to document.

Translating the document, adding charts, tables and pictures becomes easier with hundreds of add-ons provided by Google Docs. However, there are limited add-ons and formatting options available on the mobile app as compared to the desktop version.

Commenting on the documents is also available. As easy to use as the app version is, the web version, however, remains much more comprehensive having a clean user-friendly interface.

Dropbox Paper

Although not as famous as Google docs, Dropbox paper is a well-earned name in this category. It’s also a cross-platform collaborative workspace that although doesn’t provide as many options like Google Docs when it comes to creating and editing simple documents is a powerful tool.

Dropbox paper not only works as an editor but also comes with a task management section where you can write down tasks and assign them to others as well as set due dates for tasks.

Surprisingly, the mobile app is jacked up with more features than the web portal. You can add photos to your documents via mobile camera and edit documents on the go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you make spreadsheets and presentation slides.

MS Office Online

One of the most comprehensive office suites, MS Office, has also made its way to the line of apps for smartphones. It also has dedicated document editing apps and just like the desktop version of MS office, the app version is equally powerful enough to perform all the tasks. It can be accessed with a Microsoft account and can be operated both online and offline.

MS Office online is a complete package for your phone but in the online version, some of the features are also downgraded from the MS Office desktop version like limited templates.

However, being such heavy software, it takes its toll on phones resources. If you can manage with that, this might prove to be what exactly you need.

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