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Samsung Galaxy A20s Camera review: A Very Ordinary Performance

Samsung Galaxy A20s camera has improved from its previous version, Galaxy A20, which had two cameras on the rear side. Samsung’s A-series was revamped in 2019 after the Korean smartphone manufacturer discontinued the unsuccessful J series.

One of the prominent features Galaxy A20s offers is the triple camera setup on the backside comprising of a 13MP wide-angle primary lens, covering 77-degree, 8MP ultra-wide-angle covering 120-degree, and 5MP depth sensor for spotlighting the subject.

On the front, there is an 8MP lens for selfies, but it does not support wide-angle features.

It is the most basic camera setup a phone can offer today. We recently came across budget phones like Infinix Hot 8 and Tecno Camon i4 that created the buzz in town with their triple camera capability. Let’s move on and check out how the camera performs.

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Samsung Galaxy A20s Camera Interface

The default camera app present on Samsung Galaxy A20s is clean and to the point. You can easily switch between standard and wide-angle modes using the toggle buttons locked at the bottom area. 

Samsung Galaxy A20s Camera Interface
Camera Interface

There are nine filters and the beauty mode for spicing up your photography experience, and they are available for both rear and front cameras, both. In addition to the filter button placed on the top bar, you can also change the ratio, set the timer, and activate the flash as per your needs.

Stickers are available for images and videos, and there is a history button to show the ‘already’ used stickers as well. You need to be close to the subject for the sticker mode to work correctly. Zooming in from far away will simply destroy the image.

HDR is not available on the default home screen – as usual with Samsung phones. To find it, tap on the setting icon in the top left corner to reveal the menu items.

Besides, this phone can create 480 x 640 GIFs, which is a pretty decent feature. It actually takes a burst shot and combines all the images for creating the GIF file.

Camera Performance

Samsung Galaxy A20s camera isn’t as accurate as we have seen in other Android phones in this price range. Although the app interface is quite to the point, the results are otherwise.

Flowers pic with standard mode photo
Auto Mode
Picture at day with auto mode
Auto Mode
Ultra-Wide Angle Lens
Ultra-Wide Angle Lens
Sky Picture with Standard Mode
Auto Mode (natural colors)
Sky Picture with Live Focus
Live focus increased contrast in this scene
Picture with Pro mode with Samsung Galaxy A20s
Pro mode has limited options
Deer picture with standard mode on Samsung Galaxy A20s
Auto Mode
Deer picture with 4x zoom on Samsung Galaxy A20s
4x Zoom loses details; even the subject is not far off

With standard mode, it captures the natural colors without adding some fancy effects in pictures but at the same time, it compromises on details and catches a lot of noise in photos.

Plant Pic with live focus mode, photo by A20s
Live Focus
Flowers Picture with Live Focus Mode with Samsung Galaxy A20s Camera
Live Focus
Multiple attempts for ‘Live Focus’ shot
Remote Picture with Live Focus, photo by A20s
Live Focus
Picture with Live Focus Mode, photo by A20s
Live Focus
Zoom of Picture with Live focus mode on Samsung Galaxy A20s
Live Focus can make the subject blur from edges
Flowers pic with live focus mode with samsung galaxy a20s camera
Live Focus

Live focus in Samsung Galaxy A20s is similar to what we call bokeh or portrait mode in other phones. It is supposed to highlight the subject and blur the background nicely, however, during our test, it merged the subjects most of the time into the background, made them flat, and changed the skin color in case of human portraits.

Inconsistent Portraits in Auto Mode, Photo by A20s
Inconsistent Portraits in Auto Mode
portraits a20s
Autofocus fails many times

On the smaller screen of the A20s, the pictures appear acceptable but a little zooming in can reveal the loss of quality.

Its inconsistent autofocus against the light source tends to miss essential details and makes the shot blur in many cases but its performance in video recording is better against the light. The autofocus also works correctly in the wide-angle mode for the still pictures. 

Monal Picture with Auto mode, photo by A20s
Auto Mode
Monal Picture with Ultra Wide angle lens on Samsung Galaxy A20s
Ultra Wide-angle Lens
Monal Picture with 4x zoom at night photo by A20s
4x zoom
Picture at night with standard mode, photo by A20s
Auto Mode
Picture at night with 4x zoom,
4x Zoom

At night, the noise level increases many a time and the camera shows its inability to handle the scenes with bright light sources.

Selfies at night With Samsung galaxy A20s camera
Night Selfie without Flash (Left). Selfie with flash (Right)

To sum it up, if you are looking for an excellent camera performance in this price range, you might think to look for alternatives.

Some useful camera-related settings
Samsung Galaxy A20s Camera Settings
  1. If you are only comfortable with ‘photo’ and ‘video’ mode or you wish to rearrange the order, there is a way to customize it. Tap on the settings icon in the top left corner >> ‘Camera modes’ >> ‘Edit modes’ >> remove or re-order the modes.
  2. For launching the camera from the lock screen, go to Settings >> Lock Screen >> App shortcuts >> set camera app for ‘left shortcut’ or ‘right shortcut.’
  3. You can have two shutter buttons on your screen, one fixed and another floating shutter button for helping you in case you don’t get your finger to the conventional button. Camera Settings >> Shooting methods >> Floating shutter button. If you are annoyed with the second button, just tap and press for a while, a minus ‘-’ will appear for a short time to remove the button.
  4. Hold shutter button for a) taking a picture b) take burst shot c) create GIF. Camera settings >> Hold shutter button to

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