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Best video conference apps for Android devices

Video Conference Apps

As Coronavirus has limited our physical interaction, many of us are forced to work online. This presents a significant challenge, as some jobs require a substantial amount of communication to complete their task. Hence, the market is flooded with an increased demand for Video Conference apps. But it is hard to find quality applications that allow the users to manage their work, studies, and other projects. That is why we have compiled a list of the best Video Conference apps for your android devices. These applications will help you connect with dozens of individuals at a single time.

1- Zoom


  • Greater number of participants
  • Join meeting with a link or password
  • Participant management


  • Expensive for larger teams
  • Difficulty using features
  • Quality drop with more Participants

One of the most convenient video conference apps in the market Zoom allows the users to join or host a meeting instantly. It has several functionalities for the users to seek aid from, such as screen share, whiteboard, file sharing, etc. Moreover, it allows the user to manage a huge number of participants ranging from 100 for the free version and 1000 for the paid ones.

But due to hosting so many participants, the application can see a significant drop in quality. Plus, the tools it offers are a bit difficult to use, so participants may have to spend some time getting used to them. Apart from that, it is an excellent app for hosting a large team. 


2- Slack


  • Ability to create separate channels
  • Tagging participants in tasks
  • Start separate conversations


  • Notification alerts
  • Trouble sending voice notes
  • UI difficulties when switching channels

Slack is among the top-notch task management/video conference apps, and because of its nature in management, it comes with dozens of reliable tools. When using Slack, the participants have the ability to tag different tasks to different people. To separate groups, they can create multiple channels for each team. 

Slack helps them manage a large number of participants with the ability to conduct a video conference with each of them. Although switching from different channels can present some issues. But overall, the application performs relatively well, and it supports up to 15 participants at a time.  


3- WhatsApp


  • Connects even with low net speed
  • Huge Users-Base
  • Privacy


  • Limited number of participants
  • Weak UI
  • Trouble connecting multiple users
  • Not equipped for businesses

Whatsapp requires no introduction as it is one of the most widely used apps on the planet. Second, only to Facebook, which actually owns the company, Whatsapp is somewhat limited in its ability to connect multiple people. But its reach makes up for this shortcoming, as 1.6 Billion people are using WhatsApp.

This app was designed for social interaction, and now it can be used as a video conference app. For the time being, it allows for 8 participants to connect simultaneously, which is double the usual number. Therefore, it can be used as a supplemental application until you find something suitable for your needs. 


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4- Blue Jeans


  • Sharing multiple screens
  • Jumping into meetings
  • Recording meetings 


  • Lacks a chat feature
  • Issues with a gallery view
  • Lags and echos

BlueJeans is probably one of the better-looking video conference apps out in the market today. It has all the essentials of a great business application except for one; it has no chat support. But regardless, its ability to handle multiple video calls is good, users that are speaking at the moment are automatically given the center screen. This allows for a seamless transition from passive to active participation.  

But due to its automatic AI, the application can run into several bugs. BlueJeans can allow from 50 to 100 participants, but like all video conference apps, it faces a quality drop with higher numbers.   


5- Facebook Messenger/ Messenger Rooms


  • Easy access
  • Greater reach
  • Faster sharing


  • Privacy
  • Storage
  • Battery drain

The official companion to Facebook, the Messenger app, gives you all the fun of interaction without the cost. It has a good number of features for increased communication and allows for up to 50 participants due to its new Messenger Rooms feature. But it is entirely ill-equipped for business use.

Its sharing is limited; it has a low privacy window; it takes immense storage space.  Moreover, due to it being linked with so many applications, it drains on your battery life significantly. Therefore, this, too, like WhatsApp, is an excellent supplementary video conference app for a limited time. 


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6- Google Duo


  • High-quality calls on low bandwidth
  • Knock knock feature
  • Easy transition from voice to video call


  • Irritating notifications
  • Rejects incoming calls
  • Privacy issues

Goggle Duo is a free application that allows you to engage in a video conference with other people. Initially, Duo allows for 8 people to engage in the video conference, but with COVID-19, it has expanded that number to 12 participants. Google Duo is limited in its operation, but the operation it performs is done correctly. The only hindrance in using Duo is that you receive constant reminders when others download the app for the first time.

Although Google Duo is centered as an app that connects you to your family and friends, it can have some supplementary uses until you find a better interactive application. However, Google is looking to improve its privacy for the application. But overall, the application performs really well. 


7- Skype


  • Safe connection
  • Fast response
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Top video quality 
  • Easy contact management


  • Poor cellphone optimization
  • Requires a strong connection
  • Hard to find other users

Saving the best for last, there is no more prominent name when it comes to video conference apps than Skype. It rules over the market for the past decade and still the standard for video conference applications. Skype allows for up to 50 participants to connect simultaneously, but it offers a greater video quality than its competitors. 

Skype is easy to use; it is secure; moreover, its UI is very user friendly. As many people are already familiar with it, using Skype does not require any type of training. Although it lacks some features, other business programs may have. But when it comes to video quality, Skype does it the best, given that you have a strong connection that it. 


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Source: Zoom, Gadget 360, Google PlayStore

Written by Sumaira Mudassar

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