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Lahore General Hospital starts Skype helpline for Coronavirus patients

lahore general hospital skype helpline

Coronavirus has taken the country by surprise, and the medical facilities are dealing with more patients than their actual capacity. This creates a very dangerous situation where hospitals become flooded with people suffering from COVID-19. Therefore, it is necessary to limit your exposure to such environments, as they can be fatal. That is why Lahore General Hospital (LGH) came up with an easy solution for you to seek help and get diagnosed by professionals. The hospital is now operating its own Skype ID, that will answer any of your questions regarding COVID-19.

How to Find LGH on Skype?

In order to find Lahore General Hospital on Skype, you need to add them to your contacts by typing their ID. Which is “LGH CORONA HELPLINE”, an operator will respond to your request in just a few seconds. You then tell them about your condition, and they will ask you a few questions. These questions will help them identify if the illness you have is either Coronavirus or just a common Flu.

As the season is changing, there are thousands of cases of common flu being mistaken for COVID-19. This is one of the reasons there is an outcry from the people, which is just a result of their fear. That is why helplines like these will allow people to seek help without exposing themselves to the outside world.

There is another global helpline WHO has created in collaboration with WhatsApp that serve a similar purpose on a broader scale.

Other Coronavirus Helplines in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has built its own portal that provides real-time info on the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan.

There are a ton of other Coronavirus helplines currently active in Pakistan. These range from local to provincial and federal.

  1. Lahore General Hospital: 042-99268808-9
  2. LGH Skype: LGH Corona Helpline
  3. Federal Helpline: 1166
  4. Sindh helplines: 021-99203443, 021-99204405
  5. Sindh Governor House: 021-99204748
  6. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa helpline: 1700
  7. Balochistan: Call: 081-9241133-22, WhatsApp: 0334-9241133
  8. Punjab: 0800 99 000

These helplines take all relevant information from the person, to respond to the Coronavirus threat.

Similarly, during your call to the helpline, they often ask you about your area. Plus, they even ask if you have been in contact with someone that has traveled abroad or is suffering from COVID-19. It is essential to answer these questions truthfully, as it helps them in understanding the situation better.

Telling them about your residence will help the Government identify potential areas for a medical sweep. So, do not hesitate to tell them the truth as it can save you life and possibly your loved ones as well.

Via: The Nation
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Written by Sumaira Mudassar

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