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Best free offline games for Android in 2020

During the isolation of COVID-19, it is becoming hard to keep ourselves entertained. That is why we have brought you a fresh list of free offline games for your mobile devices. These games will help you pass the quarantine time with fun, and maybe some of them might even grow on you. All of the games we are going to discuss will be playable while offline. This is done mainly due to the internet succumbing to the massive pressure as it is now.

We are picking one from each popular genre to make a diverse list so that you find these games appealing and worth playing.

Apple Knight


  • Nostalgic Pixelated Design
  • Smooth Animation
  • Satisfying Progression System


  • Limited Movement
  • Repetitive Boss Battles

The first game of our list is a nostalgic 2D action game, Apple Knight, which features 8 different character classes for the players to choose from. This is a perfect example of a game design that ruled before everything became an open world. The premise of Apple Knight is simple, and something every gamer on the planet is aware of. You slash your way through enemies and obstacles to reach the end of the level where one of the 4 bosses is waiting. It stands as one of the top free offline games of 2020.

There are a total of 4 worlds, each with 10 levels, which is another example of stage design from the 2D era. Because of this design, the game runs magically on Android devices and does not suffer from fps drops. Moreover, it does not even exert pressure on your machine and can keep going for a long time.

The Witch’s Isle


  • Great Story Line
  • Involves Intuition Skills
  • Unique Game Design
  • 7 Different Endings


  • Slow Progression
  • Long and Difficult Conversations
  • Short Playing Time

The Witch’s Isle is a 2D adventure-puzzle game with a deep storyline. The story revolves around your character, who has been cursed by a witch. Therefore, you must retrieve her Urn before 4 am; otherwise, you will be swallowed up by darkness. Witch’s Isle features a novelistic story that you have to unfold by speaking to the locals and finding the Urn. In your progress, you have to make some decisions, which will lead to 7 possible endings.

The game’s playtime is a little bit above 50 minutes depending on how you approach it. However, its different endings add a bit of replay value to it. So, if you are a fan of mystery and fiction then, this free offline game is for you.

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes


  • Dynamic Visuals
  • 3 Man Shinobi Squad
  • Specials Jutsus


  • Limited Executable Moves
  • Overwhelming UI
  • Missing Characters and Timelines

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes is an excellent addition to the dozens of free offline games based on the popular Japanese Anime. It features some of the core gameplay styles that involve a 3-man team with the ability to execute fearsome jutsus. It progresses over different timelines and features, though they remain unclear due to the jumbled setup. So, fans may want to forget the actual Anime story when going in and treat it more like a filler.

The gameplay goes from decent to great, depending on which characters you admire. The progression system is clear and responsive, with each battle serving as fuel for your team’s strength. But the lack of characters may be unappealing as Naruto has 100s of fleshed-out characters that many love.

Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood


  • More Stage Options
  • Multiple Scenarios
  • 3 Difficulty Modes


  • Poor/Unimpressive Visuals
  • Repetitive Horror Elements

Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood is the third installment of the series and features Charlie, the protagonist from Ice Scream 1and 2. The Premise is the same as the previous two iterations, defeat the ice cream man Rod Sullivan and save your friends. However, this time the game allows for some open development as you can hop into the back of the ice cream truck and travel to different destinations. Therefore, you can find various locations that present multiple challenges, and do not worry; Rod will follow you no matter where you go.

As one of the top free offline games for the fans of horror, the feel of this horror survival increases as the villain approaches. Although going towards the third installment, veterans are getting the hang of the scares. But the new player will find Ice Scream 3 to be a high-grade free offline game worth the top ranks.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game


  • Full Gwent Madness
  • Open Deck
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Lore Friendly


  • Limited Playability
  • Difficult Rules and Strategies

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game needs no introduction, as all of us have seen its application in the Witcher 3. So, free offline games based on the card game were imminent to appear on the Google PlayStore. GWENT operates on the same rule that we have seen in Witcher 3 and even adds in a few new ones of its own. It does not hold your hand through the gameplay, expecting you to be familiar with it from the start.

Moreover, it features an open deck, which allows you to place your strongest cards first, depending on your choice. That is why users may find it a bit more challenging than its PC counterpart.

Eternity Legends


  • Fast-Paced Gameplay
  • Ability to Create Your Team
  • Extensive Combo System


  • Visual Bombardment

Eternity Legends is a 3D strategy game with an extensive combat system, which helps you to hack through countless enemies. The premise of the game focuses on a battle between you and divine Gods and their minions. But do not worry as you are not alone in your journey, and some friends can help you in tough spots.

Apart from your character, you can take 3 supporting characters, which you can call by tapping their icon. However, calling these supporting characters invokes a cooldown until which they are unavailable.

Last Pirate: Survival Island


  • Great Visual Aesthetics
  • Advanced Crafting System
  • Amazing Progression System


  • Crafting Resources
  • Annoying Sound Design

Last Pirate Survival Island is a simulation game that puts you on an island constantly running for resources. The game features a wide variety of challenges in the form of monsters, animals, and the undead. You have to survive these terrible hurdles and get back to your crew. However, that is easier said than done as each step you take requires you to craft some tools and weapons.

As far as free offline games go, Last Pirate Survival Island is a fantastic survival game with a touch of fantasy. So, fans of the rough pirate life will find this to be one of the best pirate experiences of all time.

War Tortoise


  • Incredible Graphics
  • Unique Enemies
  • Dozens of Upgrades


  • Difficult Aiming
  • Small Enemy HitBox

War Tortoise is an idle shooter that gives you control of a fortress built on a tortoise, which is highly customizable. This is like a fun tank simulation in which you mow down a horde of enemies, which can be hard to hit. The aiming system is a bit messy when the enemies are numerous, but in single combat, it is like butter. The visuals are stunning, but your war tortoise can get in the way of your view. So, you have to move constantly to see enemies in the back.

Moreover, as you control a tortoise, it moves slow, and it can be a bother when the battle gets going. So, getting a hold of this fortress is a must; otherwise, you will take more fire than you wish.

Sins of Miami Gangster


  • Massive Open World
  • Convenient Buttons


  • Cliché Story
  • Poor Visuals

Sins of Miami Gangster is a GTA-style open-world game in which you take control of a small-time criminal. The story is a Cliché in which you run a few shady operations and murder a bunch of people. The controls are good while driving, but when shooting, the shortcomings are visible. However, regardless of the cliché and shortcomings, the formula works, and thus, in a short time, Sins of Miami Gangster has become a top trending game.

Town Farm Truck


  • Wholesome Farming experience
  • Resource Management
  • Rewarding Crop Growth


  • Long Waiting Period
  • Overwhelming Tasks

Running a farm is not easy, and Town Farm Truck puts you in charge of your farm and delivery system. We expect you to fail a few times, but that just adds to the replayability value of the game. You take on a plethora of tasks such as feeding farm animals, growing crops and delivering your produce to neighbors. The tasks can get a bit overwhelming, and farm life is actually so that may fall in line with the game.

Moreover, the progression and sense of achievement are great, and making the first few successful deliveries will help you feel good. This free offline game is a good choice during your quarantine hours.

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