Best sports games for Android – 2019 Edition

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The best sports game for Android are not usually the ones with just great graphics. So many other factors are involved too. Like the surge that we have seen in the Action and shooting games recently, sports games also got an overhaul and not only completely transformed their look but also the gameplay.

Unlike puzzle games for Android, sports games are pretty easy to learn and play. The best racing games you can play right now, also belong to the sports category, but since they became immensely popular, so they got their own category.

Here is a carefully handpicked list of the best sports games for Android that’ll keep you on the edge of your chair for as long as you play.

FIFA Soccer


  • Customizable controls
  • Amazing online play
  • Close to reality


  • Lag in head to head play
  • Touch responsiveness needs improvement


FIFA Soccer is a shining example of how sports games should play on Android. The amount of detail on this game is no joke and amazingly accurate for a handheld game.

Speaking of authenticity, FIFA Soccer boasts 500 licensed clubs with their true lineups. The commentary is also on-spot in the game and upon scoring a goal, the crowd really gets into it. Player controls are great and responsive. All in all this game is everything you can hope for keeping in mind that it’s still a mobile game.

Real Cricket 18


  • Gameplay
  • Some cinematics
  • Bowling and batting techniques
  • Simple controls


  • Average visuals
  • Poor AI fielding
  • Poor commentary


While you will feel no difficulty in finding any cricket game in Play store but a good one is really had to come by. Then comes the Real Cricket 18, the only cricket game that beat all others to make its way to the best sports game for Android. The best thing about this game is how it mimics real-life situations.

Each game begins with an aerial shot of the city as the camera literally flies into the stadium. Everything from the toss to the action replays looks a lot more like TV broadcasts, and there’s even a pre- and mid-game show where so-called experts offer their thoughts on the game.

You can also customize the field, bowl or bat first, strategize for the final goal of winning the game

Ultimate Tennis


  • Different modes like World tour, league, and online challenge
  • Controls offer one hand or two hand usability


  • Takes a lot of practice to get used to


With just under 100MB file size, Ultimate Tennis is the best tennis game you can get with great graphics and customizable players. The gameplay is also very easy to get used to. The same applies to the controls, in fact, you can even switch between two-handed to one-handed controls.

Different game modes are also available. You can play in the league mode and win rewards and cups or play in the world tour mode and travel around the world playing in different countries around the globe to win international cups. Besides that, you can also play with your friends

Table Tennis Touch


  • Smooth graphics
  • Simple and clean UI tutorials for beginners
  • Addictive


  • Lack of multiplayer


I am sure I am developing a sports injury on my index finger by spending too much time playing the Table Tennis Touch. The day I discovered this game, was the day I left every other ping pong game on Android.

The game itself is quite simple. You control your paddle by swiping in the direction you want to hit the shot. Once you’ve learned the basics you can choose a number of different modes to practice your skills in. The campaign is the jewel of the game and lets you work through challenges and tournaments to earn reputation.

Table Tennis Touch is a brilliant sports game. Its controls are smooth and accurate, its challenges brilliantly weighted, and its presentation slick and polished. More importantly, it’s also an incredible amount of fun.

Badminton League


  • Different game modes
  • Wide range of outfits
  • Play with friends


  • Limited choices of shots


Badminton League for Android is a pleasant surprise, offering a simplified version of the sport on a 2D plane that offers a true challenge whether you’re facing AI or online opponents.

The rules are fairly simple and just like the real world badminton gameplay. The controls are pretty easy to learn with three different types of shots to choose from. Which one you choose is a matter of timing and positioning so that it can force your opponent to move back in the court to lose a point by a smash from you.

It’s a quick and competitive game that features tournament play and also allows you to play locally against a friend when you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi.

WWE Mayhem


  • Level up rewards
  • Player’s Skill enhancement


  • Graphics could have been better
  • Lack of Diverse


For all you wrestling fans out there, WWE Mayhem might be your dream-come-true. It offers a wide array of real-life players including the WWE superstars Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and others.

You get a comprehensive attack an defense combo. Tap to throw light attacks, swipe to throw heavy attacks or dash back and forth, hold the screen to block, and fill up a 3-segment special meter to perform a variety of special moves with the tap of a button

The best thing is that it’s almost totally free to play. That means an energy system, multiple in-game currencies, a system for unlocking characters, and a resource-grind for upgrading any of those characters. It’s got it all!

Archery King


  • Requires patience and a steady hand
  • Having both a versus and single player mode makes for some nice variety


  • The game AI favors equipment over capability


Archery King is straight to the point and does not include any unnecessary story. All you have to do it is to hit the target and earn points but that does not mean that it gets boring. It certainly does not.

You can play by yourself or online with other, competing with others in three-round tournaments where you can win gold to buy better equipment like bows and arrows which is designed with such craft and beauty that it may even tempt you to spend real life money on it in form of in-app purchases.

The controls of the game are as simple as they can be. Just pull, aim and shoot. The difficulty, however, comes in hitting moving targets in different environments and under varying conditions and that’s where it gets interesting and competitive.

Snooker Stars


  • Excellent game mechanics
  • Amazing graphics
  • Accurate depiction of real life


  • Poor online play
  • Poor energy system


The most elaborate and accurate snooker game in terms of physics of the game and the game graphics. It is absolutely stunning. However, it’s not your traditional snooker app. You don’t play with someone here on your own, although there is a multiplayer mode but its online.

You are faced with a certain situation and are given certain objectives which may include clearing the table with all blacks or potting at the reds in one pocket. Complete those objects and move on to the next season, collecting your rewards on the way.

There is also an energy system which limits the number of games you can play if your energy drops to a certain level and once it is restored, you can play again. Despite the inclusion of it in the best sports games for Android, the energy system feature is a huge turn off for many including myself.

Snowboarding 4th Phase


  • Excellent game play
  • Great customization options


  • Repetitiveness makes it boring too soon
  • Graphics could have been better


This game is not your average routine sliding down the mountain reprise but instead, it mixes elements of console gaming into a mobile platform to give you a product worthy of the best sports games for Android list.

You slide down from mountainous slopes and perform breathtaking tricks as a snowboarder, and all of that with just taps and swipes on the screen. You can also sway around the hurdle and blocks by swiping accordingly.

The game is split up into a variety of different tracks on a variety of different mountains. There are a bunch of challenges on each of the runs. Besides changing the camera angle, you can also change your outfit and your boards.

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