Best Puzzle Games for Android to twist your mind

Is there any other genre more suitable for smartphone gaming than the puzzle games? Most probably no. Google Play store is stuffed with a huge variety of some of the best puzzle games for Android but to find the one for you is to look for a needle in a haystack.

While some of you may want bloody action in the best of the action games, some really prefer the colorful twists in the amazing adventure games. However small be the niche of the puzzle games, its a really fascinating genre and has some specific traits to it.

These best puzzle games for android take you to a new world of perplexing levels and mind-bending puzzles. Each one of these amazing games with tickle your imagination and keep you gripped for as long as you play it.

God’s Orbits- Gravity Puzzles

  • Simple UI
  • Easy Tutorial for the beginners
  • Great graphics
  • Updated regularly

  • Controls are a bit off and confusing

Although it’s a paid game, it’s quite worth your money. The idea behind the game is simple. God has been making galaxies and stars for billions of years but eventually even being the all powerful, he is now bored and wants you to take his place.

Once in charge of making the universe run, you are assigned with the duty to revolve celestial bodies around each other. The game is based on Newton’s law of universal gravity where you control the speed and trajectory of the planets.

A wide variety of planets including our solar system and other, the sun, time bending black holes are included in the game too. There are 60 levels as of now and more are going to be added soon.

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  • Minimalist design
  • Thoughtful challanges
  • Relaxing Background music and sound effects

  • Gets very tough sometimes
  • Looks tangled on smaller screens

As the name implies, the gameplay in this game involves a rope tied together with nodes in it. Your goal is to rearrange the different linked points into a shape matching what is given, all on a hexagonal grid.

Each level has this rope arranged in a certain way and you must rearrange that to match the shape shown above. All the levels occur on the same hexagonal grid and the later levels involve longer ropes and more nodes but the hex grid does not get any bigger so yeah, good lunch with fitting 12 nodes in that grid.

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  • Great controls
  • Easy to play
  • Regularly updated

  • Controls are not clearly defined
  • It sometimes gets confusing due to unnecessary twists in the design

The most beautiful part of this game is the optical illusions that it presents, which is also the reason it’s my personal favorite among the best puzzle games for Android. Each level presents an impossible object and a red cube that you play with. You have to guide that red cube to its destination, a hole that is also colored in Red.

Once you do, the level is completed and you move on to the next level. You think it might be easy but the extremely complicated geometrics of the game doesn’t let you clear the level that easily.

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What’s inside the box?

  • Diverse and creative puzzles
  • Doesn’t get on your nerves

  • Very short and limited levels

This one has a very unconventional approach to puzzle games and does not stick to the same pattern of puzzles like most of the games. The game offers a box that has different levels inside of it. Every level has a different solution to it.

The game, however, is unique among all the best puzzle games for android because it not only requires a good understanding of every level but also demands high common sense.

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  • Extremely creative design with light and dark themes
  • Updated levels
  • Alternate endings
  • Easy to play

  • Quotes in the game seem irrelevant to the gameplay
  • Later levels get frustrating

If you like games with great aesthetics and streamlined sensibilities, Cubway might be just your cup of tea. But don’t think it as an ordinary game among the thousand others. It’s an award-winning puzzle game with a great storyline.

All you need to do is guide the cube via your tap of fingers through various levels and overcome challenges along the way. Though it may look simple, it’s not. In this list of the best puzzle games for Android, Cubway is the only game to be featured in iOS for more than 200 times and been selected in Editor’s choice in 96 countries.

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  • Colorful and beautiful graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Requires strategic positioning of dots

  • Medal rewarding criteria is terrible
  • Can easily get boring

It is another excellent time waster as well as a great puzzle game that will get you hooked up for hours. In the game, you get a wide range of drawings and have to determine a strategy to create the longest colored line on that drawing which is at the time empty.

There are numerous levels and five gaming modes. You can fill in the color in the drawing or you can also cut the lines of the drawing to stop the spread of your opposite color. The most spread color wins.

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Brain it on!

  • Most realistic physics based puzzle
  • Needs critical thinking

  • Some levels can get on your nerves

This is for sure one of the most popular physics-based puzzle game for Android. Every level has different objective written on the screen like “put the ball in the box” or “make the ball touch the ground”. You just have to draw certain lines to provoke actions that accomplish your goal.

Brain it on has a very casual appearance and instead of focusing heavily on the graphics, the game focuses on the mechanism and how it advances and proceeds in levels, providing you with great puzzles. That’s what really ranks it among the best puzzle games for android.

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  • Creative and innovative gameplay
  • Simple to play
  • Neat graphics in small package

  • Limited levels

As much as I like this game, what I don’t understand about it is how did the developers manage to squeeze such amazing graphics into this small size of the app? The game itself is amazing. The design scheming and the minimalistic touch is just joy to play.

In Mekorama, you control a tiny cute robot by tapping where to want it to go. The objective is to make the robot reach the red dot, its destination, thorough mind-twisting puzzles, and different obstacles. There are 50 levels displayed as cards in the game but clearing each level needs dedication as one might get frustrated too.

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  • Challenging but elegant
  • New take on plumbing pipes games
  • Has a certain serene effect

  • Slow update and no addition of new levels

If you have ever played any pipe puzzle game, know that you cannot find a better alternative to Aquavias. It’s a new take on such games with improved graphics and a great level frequency.

You have to deliver water to every building of the city like the Amphitheater, Hanging Gardens, Temple of Claudius, Baths and many others in order to save the city. The aqueducts can be rotated by a single tap of water. If you manage to deliver water, the city will be saved.

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Cut the Rope Full Free

  • Multiple levels and boxes for hours of play
  • Good balance between fun and challenging levels

  • Higher levels can get extremely difficult
  • Some features unavailable without in-app purchases

While it does not need any introduction because of huge 100Million + downloads on Play store, cut the rope is a colorful puzzle game where you cut the rope of a hanging candy and feed it to your character with the help of objects in the game.

Like all the best puzzles games for Android, it requires precision, timing, and occasionally quick reflexes – especially since new challenges like balloons, blowers, spikes, and electrical currents are quickly added to the basic rope-cutting formula.

Despite the cartoonish look, the game has an intense appeal to every age group because of the amazing puzzles and great mechanics that it uses in achieving the goal.

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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

  • Pays good homage to original movie
  • Music suits the happenings in the game

  • Low variation in maps

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a sliding puzzler where you play as Jason Voorhees, the famous character from the film series with the same name. You work through 12 chapters, each with 13 levels, across different situations and terrains.

This might be the only puzzle game with so much violence in it but If you’re looking for a less bloody experience you can choose between R-rated content and a more family-friendly take on it.

The levels are small but can have complex solutions which aren’t that obvious. After you play through the first bunch, the game adds more hazards and mechanics which gives you more ways to go about solving the puzzle


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