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Best racing games for Android to give you a thrilling experience

best racing games for Android

The genre of racing games is one of the oldest genres just like the board games in Android. Thanks to the constant development in mobile applications we now see some of the best racing games for Android with console level graphics on the Play store too.

As for the gameplay, these games are similar to the nerve-wracking action games and require a lot of attention and have a great tendency of getting on your nerves because of the tough competition within the game.

Even within the racing games, there are a ton of other options. From simulation-style racing games to miniature racing, in this list of best racing games for android, we have a treat for every racer out there.

Table Top Racing


  • Creative take on racing games
  • Great graphics with lots of colors


  • Limited number of cars
  • Car handling could have been better


Remember when in your childhood days you went “Vroom Vroom!” with your toy cars on basically any flat surface. Yeah! we all did that and among all place, the tables were our favorite spots to slide on. This amazing game has replicated that idea beautifully.

The unique thing that makes this game one of the best racing games for Android is its unique visual style. You get sixteen cars which you can buy and play with and all of them beautifully mimic the toy cars you may have seen in real life.

All the cars have stylish bodies and you can also upgrade four statistics. There are also different modes like the championship mode and special events mode that let you buy more cars and modify them accordingly to win the event. Though the game has a simple idea behind it, the execution is brilliant.

CSR Racing 2


  • Thrilling gameplay
  • Tons of modes
  • Fluid mechanics and controls


  • Almost impossible to complete all goals due to extreme difficulty
  • Rewards are not encouraging enough


CSR Racing 2 is a drag-racing game. People who are unaware of it, drag-racing involves a straight up track and gear controls on your screen. These type of races are short but pack the most thrilling experience. The goal in drag-racing games is to get the perfect shift. In other words, shifting gear at the correct time to give your car that boost.

The best part about this Android racing game is the car-customization. From nitrous boosts, tire pressure, gear ratios and various paint decals; CSR Racing 2 has every kind of tweak for your car. You can use in-game currency to upgrade your vehicle, which you be rewarded upon winning races.

Need For Speed: No Limits


  • Plenty of car customization options
  • Great graphics


  • Short and too easy challenges
  • No control over brakes in the game


Just like the name, this game has no limits of the sensation it provides. The graphics will just leave you awestruck. It looks more like a console game with all the amazing and detailed graphics which is why it certainly deserves a spot on our best racing games for Android, list.

The storyline is simple and plain. You have to earn respect by defeating over 100 bosses. However, elements such as fighting with the cops, smashing through the roadblocks and other ridiculously realistic graphics make it even more interesting to play and you get invested in the game pretty quickly.

Retro Racing


  • A nice combination of old and new racing styles
  • Also has two player mode
  • Retro but clean UI


  • You have to pay for more levels too early
  • The controls are comparitively less responsive


Though modern racing games are a treat for the eyes as well as quench the thirst for speed and blazingly fast cars, the charm of the old racing games with pixelated graphics can never be forgotten. It has a certain nostalgic value to it. Which is why Retro Racing had to be included in this list of best racing games for Android.

While most of the games now emphasize realism, Retro racing emphasizes fun, simple and enjoyable gameplay. Each track in the game is full of twists and turns and most importantly each track offers power-ups including tires, acceleration, top speed upgrades, and nitro boosts.

We really like how the developers have merged the traits of modern racing games along with the gameplay of old ones. This actually makes it more interesting and playable.

Asphalt 9: Legends


  • Flashy and gorgeous graphics
  • A ton of hyper cars available
  • Good looking and diverse tracks


  • Lacks that realism
  • The menu is too overwhelming


If you are a fan of nitrous boosters, flashy graphics, and supercars, Asphalt 9 will blow you away. It has been considered among the best racing games for Android since the day it was launched.

Touch drive in the game makes you not to worry about real driving and instead you can focus on collecting nitrous boos and doing stunts which fill up your boost octane tank. Winning races in Asphalt 9 get you blueprints of new cars and unlock additional content like Multiplayer mode, exclusive events, and clubs.

F1 Mobile Racing


  • Great car customization
  • Amazing playability
  • Gives you true online vibes


  • AI is unwantedly aggressive
  • The game gets very difficult as you proceed
  • Rules are a bit complicated


F1 Mobile Racing is an impressive looking beast. The tracks are recreated pretty much perfectly. In the game you build up your car as you go along, racing against the drivers around the globe. You upgrade your car with cards you receive for beating other people.

Driving assists are always turned on at first, you can also choose to turn them off. Besides that, the difficulty of the game can also be toned down if it’s too much for you.

In single player, you can race against the AI opponents. This is best for practice but the multiplayer mode will have you on the edge of your seat.

Real racing 3


  • Most realistic racing game
  • Variety of camera angles and control options
  • Real world trakcs and cars


  • Controls not as fluid as in other games
  • Plain graphics may get boring after a time


When it comes to real-world tracks and realistic cars, no game can stand against the Real Racing 3. Because of this trait, it’s easily one of the best racing games for Android

It accurately replicates the real world tracks and gives you a thrilling racing experience without those flashy graphics that seem too artificial and take away the essence of racing turning it into something else.

As compared with Asphalt 9, the Real Racing 3 is way more realistic because it is based on officially licensedĀ tracks from 17 real-world locations that include 39 circuits. Besides that, the game includes a real-time multiplayer mode, social leaderboard, time trial, and Timeshifted multiplayer mode.

GT Racing 2[/wpsm_video


  • An impressive roster of cars
  • plenty of tracks and races
  • impressive visuals


  • Lacks the real feel it claims


GT Racing 2 is a racing game where players work through a series of different tracks and races. The objective of the game is to earn XP points and money that can be used to unlock car upgrades, better vehicles, and more difficult tracks. The skills needed include reaction time skills, in addition to effective motor skills.

You get an array of beautifully designed sports cars which you can race in the superbly rendered tracks with console quality graphics. The vehicle handling in the game is amazing and with a wide range of control and camera options, you can get a good enough racing experience, regardless of your preference.

It also provides driving assists but for a more realistic feel, we advise to turn them off which will result in a so realistic experience that you can clearly notice the difference even in rear-wheel and front-wheel driven cars.

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