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Top 10 Free Movie Streaming Android Apps 

We love stuff that we get for free, don’t we? If you are looking for some good apps that will let you stream movies for free, then we have just the perfect list of such apps. Here is a list of the top 10 free movie streaming Android apps that will give you access to a variety of movies of various genres.

1-Pluto TVPluto TV

You can now experience the magic of television on your Android devices too. Pluto TV works on all types of Android devices, including Android TV. There are 17 movie channels that you can pick from, which include action movies, comedy, classic, Spanish hits, thriller, and more. There are thousands of movies to choose from, and you can watch the latest movies of your favorite celebrities. Pluto TV also offers many shows that can be streamed for free and is definitely one of the most popular top 10 free movie streaming Android apps on the list. Pluto gives you so many different options that one would not require having any other entertainment app on their phone. There is much more to explore in Pluto TV, and all this is for no subscription at all.

Download Pluto TV

2- Tubi

Tubi-Free Movie Streaming Android App

The creators ensure that they keep adding new movies and shows for the Tubi users every week. They have many categories to match the likeness of different users. Movies and shows on Tubi are highly rated by the IMDB. You have various sections, including anime and the latest releases. The commercials are there, but they are not bothersome, and unlike several other apps, do not pop up every ten or fifteen minutes. Tubi is quite popular and has millions of subscribers across the globe, making it one of the best Android movie apps.

Download Tubi

3- Vudu


The app offers an impressive list of movies of different categories. Its streaming clarity is fantastic, and the number of commercials is quite limited. There are movies for all age groups, and the number of movies you can look up is pretty much unlimited. Although there is a premium section in the Vudu app, you don’t necessarily have to pay to watch a movie. Moreover, the rates are quite nominal, so if you do wish to pay and watch something, you can always go ahead. The app runs seamlessly on your Android phone and is definitely one of the best top 10 free movie streaming Android apps on this list.

Download Vudu

4- Hotstar

Hotstar-Free Movie Streaming Android App

Hotstar is another popular Android app that allows users to watch free movies, TV shows, sports, news, and more. It offers excellent service where movies are available in more than 17 languages. So, users can enjoy Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and other language movies free. However, this app also has a premium subscription option that brings the Hotstar originals and HBO to those people who have gone for the subscription of the Premium service.

Download Hotstar

5- MovieFlix

Movie Flix

MovieFlix is another enjoyable free movie apps for Android. You don’t need to register yourself with them or provide and card details to get access to their entertainment section. They provide users with free movies of various genres and languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, and more. If there is a particular movie that you like, but you don’t understand the language that it has been made in, then you can always make use of the subtitles. Along with movies, there are short movies and web series available in MovieFlix.

Download MovieFlix

6- Kanopy


This is a perfect app for university students. Kanopy is entirely free for the students, but it requires authentication through the university’s account. You will find out everything here within the app, such as movies, documentaries, along with educational content. It has a very intuitive and easy interface that offers easy navigation, and users can easily find and stream meaningful movies promptly. Kanopy is just free; it does not require any kind of fee or commercials.

Download Kanopy

7- Movie HD

Free HD Movies 2019

Movie HD is similar to movie apps for Android like Show Box that lets you watch movies in HD. There is a long list of HD movies available for the users. Its streaming capacity is super-fast and also enables you to see movies with subtitles. Along with HD-quality movies, you can also watch movie trailers of the latest releases. You can choose the quality in which you wish to watch and don’t need to register with them to get access to their collection of movies.

Download Movie HD

8- FilmRise


FilmRise offers a wide range of HD quality movies to its users for free. From thriller to drama and from crime to romance, there is a wide range of genres that you can look up for. All their movies can be watched for free on multiple platforms. Playlists are created every week, so viewers get new content always. It is indeed one of the most entertaining top 10 free movie streaming Android apps on this list.

Download FilmRise

9- IMDb


IMDb has more than 5 million movies in their database that they keep updating regularly. You can watch some great Hollywood hits and IMDb originals. You can do much more than just watch movies on this app. Along with buying tickets to the latest release, you can also watch celebrity news.

Download IMDb

10- Show Box

Show Box app lets you watch fantastic movies and TV shows in HD. You can look up movies with the genres, year, or best rated. Locating your favorite movie is quite simple because the interface of the app is user-friendly, and the features make it possible for the users to find what they want in no time. This is a great Android app to have on your mobile phone for entertainment.

You can download one or more of these free apps to keep you entertained in your free time. All of them are good in their own way and come with several exciting features.

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