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Realme 7 Pro Battery, it’s fast charging but is it worth it?

realme 7 pro battery test

Realme 7 Pro battery is the center of discussions among the techies for its battery. Not that it has a huge battery life to knock off the rival mid-rangers, but it is the 65W SuperDart charge, which is probably the only feature of the phone that offers some uniqueness.

Realme advertises 34 minutes charging time, which is impressive by any standard for a midrange phone that features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G under the hood in addition to some typical specs in this price range, i.e., 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, and a 64MP based quad-camera setup on the rear side.

So is it true that we are practically getting a 65W fast-charger in this price range in 2020?

Let’s check out and proceed with our battery test. If you want to see the process visually, you can also check the video below.

We usually notice the battery charging status every 10 minutes for fast charging phones; since it’s a unique case, we are taking a 5-minute gap for this phone.

Time% Charged
5 mins22%
10 mins40%
15 mins56%
20 mins72%
25 mins86%
30 mins94%
33 mins98%
34 mins99%
38 mins100%

So we are just 4 minutes behind the advertised claim of 34 minutes, but it’s only ignorable, we assume.

Let’s move ahead and drain the battery fully by playing a movie in a loop for as long as the battery lasts. We wouldn’t like the phone to go through any extra background activity, so we turned off the wifi and mobile data while activating the ‘do not disturb’ mode.

The brightness is set to 50%, and the volume is at maximum. By the way, we have inserted both the SIMs inside to bring it closer to a real-life scenario.

It’s only a 4500 mAh battery inside, so we shouldn’t expect too much unless there is a serious software-hardware optimization going inside.

Here is the battery drain table.

HoursBattery drained
1 hr4%
2 hrs10%
7 hrs39%
8.15 hrs46%
10.21 hrs59%
14:02 hrs85%
15:57 hrs100%

Now it’s time to jump to our third test, which we usually practice on the 4G mobile data. This is meant to give you a little clue that what battery percentage your phone might consume if you use similar social media apps while you commute between your home and office, away from the wifi. We are going to run each app for 30 minutes and note down the percentage drain.

AppsBattery drained
Video recording @1080p12%
GSM Call2%
WhatsApp Video Call8%
30 mins given to each app on mobile data

In total, the phone drained 46% battery in four hours of consistent use on 4G that easily provides an idea of a comfortable day-long battery life that might also extend to more than a day for users who are only confined to a few calls, normal browsing, and social media use and a few camera click.

What about aggressive gamers? The phone ate away some 7% battery in 30 minutes on PUBG, and in 1 hour, we noticed a 15% drop that hints at nearly 5 to 6 hours of consistent battery backup for game lovers who are into apps like PUBG, Call of Duty or Free Fire.

If you are using realme 7 Pro, let us know in the comments how long your phone survives?

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Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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