Top smartphones with highest screen to body ratio

Everyone today wishes to hold a smartphone which has the highest screen to body ratio, that means it should have lesser bezels and the huge display. Of course, there are multiple benefits of carrying one such device. Although 2018 was supposed to be the year for bezel-less phones, now we are in 2019, and newer smartphone industry trends await us.

However it doesn’t go without saying that a high screen to body ratio is something that will always prove to be a good selling pitch for the companies as well as a great attraction for the consumers which is why hope is still alive that the year 2019 could bring us a few beauties which could truly be called bezel-less.

Almost all the phones have notches nowadays, but some of them have gone an extra mile by eliminating notch in achieving a high ratio. Here is our comprehensive list of the phones with the highest screen to body ratio. Note that we have only included the phones that are officially launched for now.

Update: The phones in the list below are updated regularly, and as soon as the phone goes official, it is updated in the list if it qualifies for the criteria of the highest screen to body ratio.

SmartphonesRatio (%)Screen SizeAspect RatioRelated Articles
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G89.46.719:9Top Reasons to Buy S10 5G
Samsung Galaxy S10+88.96.419:9Initial Review
Huawei P30 Pro88.66.4719.5:9Huawei P30 Pro Camera Explained
Lenovo Z5 Pro GT88.56.3919.5:9
Lenovo Z5 Pro88.56.3919.5:9
Samsung Galaxy S1088.36.119:9Everything to know about S10
OnePlus 7 Pro88.16.6719.5:9
Samsung Galaxy M3088.16.419:9
Huawei Mate 2088.06.5318.7:9
Huawei Mate 20 Pro87.96.3919.5:9S10 Plus vs Mate 20 Pro
Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design87.96.3919.5:9
Huawei Mate 20X (5G)
Meizu 16s87.26.218.5:9
Oppo Find X Lamborghini87.06.4219.5:9
Oppo Find X87.06.4219.5:9
Oppo Reno 10x zoom86.86.619.5:9
Oppo Reno86.86.419.5:9
Oppo R1786.76.419:9
Vivo X2386.36.4119.5:9
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro86.16.3919.5:9Everything to know about K20 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K2086.16.3919.5:9
Samsung Galaxy A7086.06.720:9
Vivo Nex S86.06.5919.3:9
Huawei Nova 486.06.419.5:9
Vivo Nex A86.06.5919.3:9
Realme X85.96.5319.5:9
Vivo V15 Pro85.96.3919.5:9
Oppo R17 Pro85.96.419.5:9
Xiaomi Mi CC9
Samsung Galaxy A8085.86.720:9
Huawei P3085.86.119.5:9Everything About Huawei P30
Lenovo Z685.76.3919.5:9
Honor View 2085.76.4
Vivo V1585.66.5319.5:9Unboxing & First Impression
Detailed Review
OnePlus 6T85.66.4119.5:9
OnePlus 785.56.4119.5:9
Lenovo Z6 Pro85.36.3919.5:9
Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G85.36.3919.5:9
Oppo Reno Z85.36.419.5:9
Oppo F1185.36.5319.5:9
Vivo V1185.26.319.5:9
Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer85.26.3919.5:9
Vivo V9 Youth85.26.319:9
Xiaomi Mi 985.26.3919.5:9
Vivo V985.26.319:9Detailed Review
Vivo X21 UD85.26.2819:9
Vivo V11 Pro85.26.4119.5:9Detailed Review
Huawei nova 585.16.3919.5:9
Huawei nova 5 Pro85.16.3919.5:9
Vivo iQOO85.16.4119.5:9
Samsung Galaxy A3085.16.419.5:9Detailed Review
Samsung Galaxy A2085.06.419.5:9Detailed Review
Vivo S185.06.5319.5:9
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G85.06.3919.5:9
Xiaomi Mi Mix 385.06.3919.5:9
OPPO A984.96.5319.5:9
Samsung Galaxy A6084.96.319.5:9
HTC Desire 19+84.96.218:9
Samsung Galaxy A5084.96.419.5:9
Essential PH-184.95.7119:10
Motorola Moto Z484.86.419.5:9
Honor Magic 284.86.3919.5:9
OPPO R1584.86.2819:9
Meizu 16Xs84.76.218.5:9
OPPO K384.76.519.5:9
Meizu Note 984.76.219.7:9
Samsung Galaxy A8s84.76.419.5:9
Vivo Nex Dual Display84.76.3919.5:9Are Two Screens Really Necessary?
OPPO R15X84.56.419.5:9
Oppo K184.56.419.5:9
iPhone XS Max84.46.519.5:9
Oppo F11 Pro84.46.5319.5:9Detailed Review
OPPO RX17 Neo84.46.4119.5:9
Huawei Y9 Prime 201984.36.5919.5:9Detailed Review
Huawei P Smart Z84.36.5919.5:9
Vivo Z3x84.26.2619:9
Honor 2084.26.2619.5:9
Huawei P30 Lite84.26.1519.5:9Detailed Review
Huawei Nova 4e84.26.1519.5:9
Huawei Nova 384.26.319.5:9
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus84.26.218.5:9
Vivo Y8984.26.2619:9
Honor 20 Pro84.16.2619.5:9
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE84.15.9719.5:9
OPPO R15 Pro84.16.2819:9
Vivo Y9784.16.319:9
Vivo Z1i84.16.2619:9
Vivo Z184.16.2619:9
TECNO Phantom 984.06.3919.5:9
Huawei nova 5i84.06.4
Huawei P20 Lite 201984.06.419.5:9
Honor 8X84.06.519.5:9Detailed Review
OPPO A7X84.06.319.5:9
Vivo Z384.06.319:9
Vivo Z3i84.06.319:9
Vivo V11i84.06.319:9
Realme 2 Pro84.06.319.5:9Detailed Review
Oppo F984.06.319.5:9Detailed Review
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus84.06.218.5:9
Nokia X7183.96.39
Realme U183.96.319.5:9
Xiaomi Mi 883.86.2118.7:9
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro83.86.2118.7:9
Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer83.86.2118.7:9
Lenovo Z6 Youth83.76.319.5:9
Lenovo Z583.66.218.7:9
Samsung Galaxy S983.65.818.5:9
Samsung Galaxy S883.65.818.5:9
Lenovo Z5s83.56.319.5:9
LG G8 ThinkQ83.56.119.5:9
Infinix Hot 783.56.218:9
Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design83.56.018:9
Vivo Z5x83.46.5319.5:9
Vivo Z1 Pro83.46.5319.5:9
Honor 8X Max83.47.1218.7:9
Samsung Galaxy Note 983.46.418.5:9
Vivo iQOO Neo83.36.3819.5:9
Samsung Galaxy S10e83.35.819:9An Affordable Flagship?
Samsung Galaxy Note 883.26.318.5:9
Honor 10i83.16.2119.5:9
Huawei P Smart 201983.16.2119.5:9
Honor 10 Lite83.16.2119.5:9Detailed Review
Lenovo S5 Pro83.06.218.7:9
Lenovo S5 Pro GT83.06.218.7:9
LG V50 ThinQ 5G83.06.419.5:9
Vivo Y81i83.06.2219:9
Vivo Y8183.06.2219:9
Honor Play83.06.319.5:9Detailed Review
Apple iphone X82.95.819.5:9
Vivo Y9582.96.2219:9Detailed Review
Apple iphone XS82.95.819.5:9
Vivo Y9182.96.2219:9Detailed Review
Y91 vs Honor 8C (Camera Comparsion)
Infinix Hot 7 Pro82.86.219:9
Huawei Y9 201982.86.519.5:9Detailed Review
Vivo Y83 Pro82.76.2219:9
Motorola One Vision82.56.321:9
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite82.56.2619:9
Oppo F782.56.2319:9Detailed Review
OPPO A382.56.219:9
Vivo Y93s82.46.219:9
Vivo Y9382.46.219:9
Lenovo K6 Enjoy82.36.2219:9
Infinix Hot 6X82.26.219:9
Huawei Nova 3i82.26.319.5:9Detailed Review
Xiaomi Pocophone F182.26.1818.7:9
Infinix S3X82.06.218.7:9
Sony Xperia 182.06.521:9
Infinix S482.06.219:9
Motorola P3082.06.218.7:9
Huawei P20 Pro82.06.118.7:9
Honor 8C81.96.2619:9Detailed Review
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S81.95.9918:9
Realme 381.86.2219:9
Huawei Mate 20 Lite81.76.319.5:9
Samsung Galaxy A1081.66.219:9Detailed Review
Oppo A5s81.66.219:9
Huawei Mate 1081.65.916:9
Oppo A781.66.219:9Detailed Review
Xiaomi Redmi 781.56.2619:9
Xiaomi Redmi Y381.56.2619:9
Honor Note 1081.56.9518.5:9
Nokia 6.1 Plus81.55.819:9Detailed Review
Motorola Moto G7 Plus81.56.219:9
Motorola Moto G781.46.219:9
Vivo Y1781.46.3519.5:9
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro81.46.319.5:9
Xiaomi Redmi Note 781.46.319.5:9
Realme 3i81.36.2219:9
Motorola One Power (P30 Note)
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE81.35.8818.7:9
Oppo A3s81.26.219.5:9Detailed Review
Oppo A581.26.219:9
Realme 281.26.219;9
Realme C181.26.219:9
Nokia 8 Sirocco81.15.516:9
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro81.16.2619:9Detailed Review
Micromax Infinity N1281.16.1919:9
Micromax Infinity N1181.16.1919:9
Sony Xperia 10 Plus81.06.521:9
Huawei Mate 10 Porsche Design80.96.018:9
Huawei Mate 10 Pro80.96.018:9
Xiaomi Mi Mix 280.85.9918:9
Infinix Smart 3 Plus80.76.2119:9
OPPO R11s Plus80.76.4318:9
Samsung Galaxy A8 Star80.66.318.5:9
Huawei P20 Lite80.55.8419:9
Huawei P20
HTC U12+80.36.018:9
Xiaomi Mi CC9e
HTC Exodus 180.36.018:9
Realme C280.36.119.5:9
OPPO A1K80.16.119.5:9
Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)80.16.318.5:9
Xiaomi Mi Play80.15.8419:9
Huawei Enjoy 980.06.2619:9
Huawei Y7 Prime 201980.06.2619:9Detailed Review
Y7 Prime 2019 vs Honor 8C
Honor 1079.95.8419:9Detailed Review
Xiaomi Mi Max 379.86.918:9
Nokia 9 PureView79.75.9918:9
Nokia 5.1 Plus79.65.8619:9
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite79.55.8419:9
Sony Xperia 1079.46.021:9
Motorola One (P30 Play)79.25.919:9
Honor 8A Pro79.26.0919.5:9
Lenovo K5 Pro79.15.9918:9
iPhone XR79.06.119.5:9
Oppo F7 Youth78.96.018:9
Realme 178.96.018:9
Vivo Y71i78.76.018:9
Honor View 1078.65.9918:9
Huawei Nova 2s78.56.018:9
HTC U11 Eyes78.46.018:9
Vivo V7 Plus78.45.9918:9
HTC U11+78.36.018:9
HTC U19e78.26.018:9
Honor 8S78.15.7119:9
Huawei Y5 201978.15.7119:9
Oppo F5 Youth78.16.018:9
Oppo F578.16.018:9
Infinix Note 5 Stylus78.06.018:9
Huawei Mate 878.06.016:9
Samsung Galaxy Note 778.05.716:9
Motorola Moto Z3 Play77.96.0118:9
Motorola Moto Z377.96.0118:9
Samsung A6s77.96.018:9
HTC U12 life77.76.018:9
Motorola Moto G7 Power77.66.219.5:9
Huawei Mate 977.55.916:9
Nokia 3.1 Plus77.56.018:9
Xiaomi Black Shark Helo77.56.0118:9
Infinix Smart 2 HD77.46.018:9
Xiaomi Mi A277.45.9918:9
Xiaomi Redmi Note 577.45.9918:9
Nokia 7 Plus77.26.018:9
Vivo V777.15.718:9
Honor 7X77.05.9318:9
HTC Desire 12+76.76.018:9
Motorola Moto E5 Plus76.76.018:9
Huawei Y9 201876.75.9318:9Detailed Review
Lenovo K5 Note (2018)76.56.018:9
Huawei Mate 10 Lite76.55.918:9
Samsung Galaxy J676.55.618.5:9
Huawei Y7 Prime 201876.35.9918:9Detailed Review
Honor 7C76.35.9918:9Detailed Review
Oppo A8376.25.718:9
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge76.15.518:9
Huawei P Smart76.15.6918:9
Xiaomi Redmi 575.95.718:9
Samsung Galaxy J875.86.018.5:9
Micromax Canvas Infinity Pro75.65.718:9
Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)75.65.618.5:9
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+75.65.716:9
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018)
Honor 9 Lite75.55.6518:9Detailed Review
Motorola Moto G675.45.718:9
Huawei Y6 Prime 201875.45.718:9
Honor 7A75.45.718:9Detailed Review
Motorola Moto G6 Play75.25.718:9
Motorola Moto E575.25.718:9
Nokia 1 Plus75.15.4518:9
Lenovo K5 play75.15.718:9
OPPO F3 Plus75.16.016:9
Lenovo K575.05.718:9

Pretty amazing right? So which ones did you love and what are you hoping for next in the arena of bezel-less phones. Do talk to us in the comments below.


  1. Decent information. A five to 7 inch phone is I think enough for me. I wonder if there is a ten inch phone out there. Even if there isn’t one yet , i wonder how we gonna place it in our pockets after all we mostly keep our phones in pockets?


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