PUBG Tips and Tricks: How to Become an Expert at PUBG?

Ever since its launch for the mobile platform earlier this year, PUBG Mobile has been one of the most widely played games among smartphone users. With more than 100 Million downloads, it is an absolute sensation. However, it’s not always an easy game to play, which is why we have brought you some useful PUBG tips and tricks to get you that chicken dinner.

The aim of the game is to survive for a longer time period until the circle of survival narrows down to one person, which becomes the winner. With so much happening in the game, you must think about where one finds all the useful and much-needed information on the game. Well, you’ve come to the right place; here are some tips and tricks to make your gameplay even more competitive.

PUBG Parachuting Tips

Let’s kick off with the first thing in the game, dropping on your desired zone in the map. While this may sound easy, many elements come into play like the speed and flight path of the drop plane. Check out these tips to master the skills of parachuting.

  • After the plane is on its course, open map to select your drop area and make sure that you choose a low-risk area if you are new to the game. Gatka and Mylta are the areas with lesser risks and all the basic items.
  • Make sure the flight path of the plane allows you to reach your drop point. You can also head to PUBG interactive map to know more about your flight path direction.

PUBG After Landing Tips

Once you have landed on the ground and out in the open for your enemy to take you down, this is where most of the players make mistakes. However, the below tips can really enhance your chances of survival.

  • Don’t be hasty and avoid early clashes. If you see someone already there, don’t rush to kill them instantly. Since they got the head start, it’s highly likely that they have gotten their hands on guns before you.
  • Low-risk areas have a downside of having less loot. In this case, don’t spare any loot and whatever comes your way, pick it. Be it a pistol or a melee weapon.
  • Look for clues. If you see a building with open doors, be cautious. This is a clue that somebody might already be there.
  • Whenever you go to loot a building, close the door behind you so other players don’t know you are there and you can shoot them when they enter.

PUBG Shooting and Gameplay Tips

PUBG is all about surviving. One game lasts almost 30 minutes or a little more. The aim is to survive and the last man standing wins the game. Shooting, being the essential part of this game, is the most technical as well. Here are our tips on shooting better.

  • As much as killing is the part of the game, sometimes running away does a much job at surviving. Don’t rush into a battle and play smart. To sum it up you can say that only fight the battle you are sure to win.
  • Wait for the perfect moment to shoot. Do go all in. Even if you have a sniper, a sure shot will bring you a kill.
  • Use Gyroscope to aim better. Since PUBG supports gyroscope aiming, it can be really helpful, and you won’t have to touch your phone’s screen or drag across it to aim your enemy.
  • Consistently use the eye button to look around. This is especially helpful when you are hiding in the corner. You can spot others without them spotting you.
  • Using headphone is one of the most useful tips that you can get today. You’ll thank me later. With good quality headphones, you can even hear your enemy’s footsteps approaching.
  • While automatic weapon may sound good to burst out but its the recoil that can kill you, running out of the ammo in a single burst can lead to your death. Besides, auto weapons are also not so accurate and give away your position too.

PUBG Advanced Tips

Now that we have covered all the major elements involved in the gameplay of this amazing battle royale game let’s move forward to some of the intricate details that you can master over time and with a lot of practice. The key is patience, though. You can’t expect to learn all the gameplay intricacies in one day.

  • Unequipping your weapon increases your speed so when fleeing from a fight always unequip your weapon. Though it will leave you defenseless, you will gain a much higher sprint.
  • Always keep an eye out for the red zone as roaming carelessly can blow you to pieces.
  • Never roam around in the open. This will leave your chances of survival very slim. Always try to take the cover of the nearby rocks or buildings or vehicles.
  • When taking the cover of a vehicle, be sure to burst out its tires and flatten it down so that bullets from enemies don’t hit you from under the vehicle.
  • When under fire, always run in a zig-zag pattern because this makes you difficult target to aim at. Also, when looting or applying the bandage, make slight movements of couching constantly. This will make you a missable target.
  • Playing the game barefoot is one of the best tricks I use daily. It makes less noise and increases your stealth so you can easily sneak upon your enemies.
  • Another pro tip and while this may sound quite a novice, it is being patient. Patience is the key. Observe more. Don’t get into fights you can’t win. Fleeing is sometimes a better option if you focus on surviving.

We hope this covers all of your aspects of the PUBG gameplay. Did you find these tips and tricks helpful? Do let us know in the comments below.

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