Best Android Phone Apps Reviews Online: A List of Must Haves


Making a list of best android apps that is a must for any smartphone user is an arduous job. Unlike selecting the best Android phones that are easy to distinguish from a stack of a limited number of phones in a year, selection of apps requires to dig deep into the repository of millions of apps on the Play Store to handpick a few that are useful for most of the userbase.

Practically speaking, there is no real definition of the best android apps since new ones keep popping up like the mushrooms, grabbing the top place, and pushing the older ones further down the list.

Rapid tech advancement and changing needs have made it challenging to get stand-alone apps on top of the pantheon. Instead of trying all the apps on the Google Play Store, you can check our list of the best android apps.

Like you, we are always on the watch out of the best apps in the market. The usefulness of apps in the market is usually limited to the habits of people.

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Nova Launcher – 1st in the list of the best Android apps

Very few of us are happy with the default Android skins, especially, if you are on a stock version of OS. Manufacturers like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo provide us tons of options in contrast to Nokia, Google Pixel, but they are not always customizable to miro level.

The Nova Launcher app is considered the best android launcher that you can consider to do tons of customizations. The good part is, it’s fast and lightweight. If you want to change icons, their size, colors, and any other thing, to change the look and feel of your smartphone, this is the best launcher that you can consider. 

The App is free to download, though, and you can do almost anything with the free version; however, you can consider going for its prime version that can unlock a lot of potential of this App, such as locked gestures.

If you want to consider another launcher, we have compiled a list of top Andriod launchers you can check out.

SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer is a Microsoft owned app that it’s of great help, especially when managing unwanted texts. Its dark theme is incredible, and it comes with intelligent functionality that sorts out your text. It also offers SMS Backup & restores functionality and PNR status. For sure, this is an app that deserves space in your device.


This is one of the best apps that also features among our educational app reviews. Having this App, you do not have to carry your pen on seminars and meetings. It’s one of the best apps for you to have on your tablet. It has the capability of syncing across all of your devices, and this facilitates workflow. The App comes with home-screen widgets to enable you to access your notes on the phone. Its aesthetic interface makes it outrun its immediate subsidiary, the Google Keep app.


For those with New Year’s resolution of waking up and early but can’t control the habit of snoozing the alarm, then you need this App. The App comes with a unique way of breaking your morning laziness. It passes you through the various puzzles and challenges before snoozing the alarm. It’s dubbed as the “Most annoying App,” but it’s cool in helping you bit your targets. 


Of course, this could not miss out on our list of the best apps in 2019. This is a communication app that allows you to make instant communication from people across the world. It’s usually updated continuously with the inclusivity of new features. It has the following functionalities;

  • Sharing links of locations
  • Making video calls
  • Sharing images
  • Making voice messages.

There are millions of apps in the Google play store, and the list above is what we have as the best 5. If you find the list above useful, you can comment below; we are willing to hear from you.

Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

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