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Where to Buy Mobile Phones on Installments in Pakistan; Easy Way

Smartphones are getting expensive every year, which is one of the reasons most of us don’t want to burden our pockets up front. So we keep looking for ways to buy mobile phones on installments in Pakistan.

The trend is on the rise. It’s somewhat easier for credit cardholders to shop and pay the amount in installments. However, their only worry is to find a deal with minimum or no markup.

But, things are a little rough for those who don’t have a credit card in Pakistan. Don’t worry; there are platforms where you can buy a mobile on installment without a credit card.

In this guide, I am going to talk about some of the viable options for your next buy.

Whether you want to buy an iPhone on installment or plan to purchase a Samsung phone on installment or you need to get hold of any other brand, there are many sellers and financial institutions in Pakistan that can help you get a smartphone on installments.

To summarize, here are the most common ways to get mobile phones on installments in Pakistan.

  • Mobile phone manufacturers sell phones online
  • Several banks offer mobile phone deals
  • Top e-commerce stores have a dedicated segment
  • Big electronic stores can do installments for you
  • Cellular operators also do selective installment campaigns

So whether you want to buy a phone in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, or any of the cities in Pakistan, I am sure a seller is ready to give you the best mobile phone deal.

1- Samsung mobile phones Installment Program

We know Samsung phones are astounding, but they are expensive –  not all of them, though. The good news is that Samsung runs an installment program with Habib Bank Limited (HBL) to bring your desired phone well within your reach.

It’s a 36-months installment plan but only through an HBL credit card. You can buy a Samsung phone as cheap as Galaxy A03s to anything as expensive as Galaxy S20 Ultra.

How to buy Samsung mobile on installment? 

  • Choose a Samsung phone on their website. To help you, we have its link here.
  • Add your address, HBL credit card details, and complete the order.
  • After that, call the HBL helpline and convert the payment into 36 installments.
  • There is a PKR 700 processing fee in addition to FED that will show up on your first credit card bill after the purchase.

2- How to buy iPhone on installments in Pakistan?

Unlike Samsung, iPhone isn’t present in Pakistan yet. But they are doing business through their partners and business associates who offer iPhones on installments for Apple lovers through selected banks and e-commerce stores like Daraz.

Apple also offers installments on its products, but that is more suitable for western countries.

In Pakistan, Daraz is one of the channels you can buy an iPhone on easy installments.

You need to be a credit card holder of one of the banks Daraz is working with to get your EMI plan ready. Daraz offers up to a 36-months plan, but for 3-months, there is no markup; however, beyond this, banks start charging the markup over the original retail price of the phone.

At the time of writing this piece, Daraz offers its mobile phone installment plan through MCB, Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered, and Silk Bank.

Besides iPhone, you can also buy a smartphone of any other brand on EMI.

3- Mobile phone on installment from banks

Not all banks offer their customers the freedom to buy mobile phones or other gadgets on installments. However, many banks in Pakistan have stepped into this domain, which is convenient for their customers.

Screenshot of Faysal bank digital mall

Faysal Bank operates its digital mall where it sells a plethora of items, including smartphones. In addition to usual EMIs, Faysal bank also offers selected Xiaomi mobiles and iPhones on 0-markup 24-installments.

Similarly, Bank Alfalah’s Alpha Mall also gives tons of options to its customers to buy phones on EMI in Pakistan.

However, compared to Faysal Bank, Alpha Mall looks less organized.

Here are a few banks you can approach for buying different mobile phones on installments.

Note: you have to be the cardholder of the respective bank.

  • Faysal bank
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Silk Bank
  • MCB
  • Standard Chartered
  • HBL
  • Meezan bank
  • Askari bank

4- Jazz Handset Installment Plan

Jazz can also be helpful if you wish to buy mobile phones on installments. But, there is a limit. Jazz isn’t like a regular store. Unfortunately, it only serves its postpaid customers that are less than 10% of their total 72 million subscriber base.

While the largest cellular operator excludes the prepaid customer base, it is also limited to specific devices. Some obsolete Nokia smartphones and Jazz’sJazz’s own data devices, including 4G-wingle and Wi-Fi devices, are on sale on their portal. But keep looking on their page from time to time.

Jazz has a few terms that you need to follow, which are;

  • Only Jazz Gold postpaid customers can avail of the offer
  • One customer can buy only one device
  • CNIC/utility bill required to verify the buyer

Since we are discussing cellular operators here, let’s not forget that the second-largest cellular operator by the number of subscribers, Telenor. It also sells smartphones and data devices on its website that you can pay through cash on delivery or Easypay.

Telenor also sells Samsung’s smartphones, but they don’t entertain installment requests. In the case of Telenor, it’s an upfront payment only.

5- E-commerce and Electronic stores for phones installment plans

So you can see now how many options you have now to buy mobile phones on installments in Pakistan. But it’s not limited here. The real things are happening in the e-commerce stores where iPhones, Samsung, and all other brands are on sale.

We have already mentioned Daraz above, where you can try different options.

Below you can see some of the active online stores in Pakistan where you can visit to buy your next dream phone.

And, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the respective store before buying mobile on installments.

  • Atombuddy
  • (you can find a number of mobile sellers giving you different deals)

6- Qisstpay gives you interest-free installment plans

Qisstpay is a facilitator between the buyer and the store and helps buyers by offering easy installments.

The concept is fresh in Pakistan based on Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). So keep looking for the Qisstpay logo on the stores and get yourself four easy installments.

So this could be one of the choices for buying mobile phones on installments in Pakistan.

You may not find them everywhere, but they are slowly

collaborating with various Pakistan’s e-commerce stores and brand shops.

All you have to do is to choose Qisstpay at the time of checkout.

Note: PhoneYear does not endorse or recommend any store mentioned in the guide. It is a compilation for the ease of our readers. You must read the terms and conditions on sellers’ sites.

If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. And don’t forget to comment below for anything you want to say.

And if you think there could be other options to add in our guide for buying phones on installments in Pakistan, do share them with us.


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