Mobile Battery Test


Mobile phone battery test is a must-do exercise at PhoneYear that we exercise for every phone that lands on our premises.

Not long ago, we had mobile phone batteries not bigger than 3000 mAh. Today, smartphone manufacturers are putting the batteries that exceed 5000 mAh capacity on average.

Mobile phones, including Samsung Galaxy M21, Xiaomi Poco M3, Samsung Galaxy M30s, and many more, are loaded with 6000 mAh batteries even and won’t be long when we witness 7000 mAh batteries on famous brands.

However, merely, the mAh doesn’t always guarantee a long-lasting backup or drain time. In our lab, we have noticed that sometimes 5000 mAh battery performs better than a 6000 mAh. It all boils down to the software-hardware optimization, which ensures a long-lasting battery backup. A poorly optimized phone always die fast, and the presence of an enormous capacity battery claim turns out to be a marketing gimmick merely.

We do an extensive mobile phone battery test on standard settings that includes charging the phone and full battery drain by running video in a loop. We also test the battery backup by running resource-hungry apps on 4G mobile data. We don’t stop here; gaming is an all-time favorite for everyone. Battery backup for games like PUBG and Call of Duty is a query everyone makes. We spend hours playing online games and test the battery strength so we could share it with our audience.

Stay tuned to our mobile phone battery test and get the real info.

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