Zong 4G brings prepaid roaming packages for UAE

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zong 4g prepaid roaming package uae

It is always expensive to use data on your mobile phone when you are visiting a foreign country. At least for UAE, there are two prepaid roaming packages introduced by Zong 4G.

Although, there is only limited data that is being offered in these packages for updating statuses or chatting on WhatsApp, FB, etc. they should be enough to meet the requirements. Package 1 is for one week, and Package 2 is for two weeks. Customers can activate either of them without any activation charges.

How to activate the packages?

First, you need to activate the roaming by dialing free of cost at 310. For activating the package, dial *4255# and choose the relevant bundle. The package gives you 2GB of data for seven days for PKR 999 + tax; however, Package 2 provides 4GB data that is valid for fifteen days in PKR 1,999 + tax.

Any Zong 4G prepaid customer can activate the roaming and avail these packages. Zong claims that user while roaming, can run WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Skype in UAE which are blocked otherwise.

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