Just like cars, your phone will soon have mobile airbag

A student at Aalen University in Germany named Philip Frenzel has created the ADCase, a cleverly designed smartphone case that has a mobile airbag that automatically deploys when the phone is accidentally dropped. The case is not available for purchase, but the site promises a Kickstarter campaign soon.

Frenzel, who is currently completing his master’s degree in mechatronics, refers to his invention as the “AD Case”, short for “active damping”. He recently won Germany’s Mechatronics Prize for 2018. All over Germany, Mechatronics Society invited universities to submit their best bachelor thesis. The “number one” was this “Mobile Air Bag”.

Just like passengers in a car, your smartphone is precious cargo. So why shouldn’t it have an airbag similar to your vehicle? Much innovative and convincing. It seems like the days when you get panic as you watch your phone drop to the ground, praying the screen is not cracked are history.

Frenzel’s mobile airbag design is a thin protective case, outfitted with sensors that detect the free fall of a phone. Once airborne, metal springs deploy to cushion the fall. You can then push the attachments back into the case and re-use when necessary.

The young man is very happy about receiving the Mechatronics Prize: “I absolutely did not expect that, which makes it all the better to have received it, We want to be able to finance our livelihood with it,” explains Frenzel and adds mischievously: “In short, we hope for a hype.”

“In his thesis, Philip Frenzel impressively shows how a mechatronics engineer systematically and purposefully approaches a problem and develops a technically workable and economically viable solution,” Prof. Rolf Biesenbach, chairman of the German Society for Mechatronics, said in an online statement about the device.

We here at PhoneYear truly loves the idea of a mobile airbag and wants this case to hit the market as soon as possible, and without being pessimistic, we have little doubts, as what happens when we drop the phone at the face in bed? Or what happens when the phone falls on edge? The answers will be available when we will test the device in real-life scenarios.

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