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Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha brings insanely huge double display and 108MP camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi’s Mi MIX Alpha is no more a secret. The phone maker raised the curtain in a show that launched Mi 9 Pro and MIUI 11 along with some accessories.

Although, it’s a reality now, the phone is still a prototype that wouldn’t go into production until the end of this year. Even if it comes into the market months after today’s announcement, it might still be the only device to feature such huge specifications.

What are those jaw-dropping features?

It’s entirely made of screen. Yes, you got it right, the screen all over. It’s a 360-degree display, not the 90 degrees or 88 degrees like in Huawei Mate 30 Pro or a Vivo Nex 3, but a whole screen that goes behind the phone and meets with the camera panel from both sides without out showing a millimeter of the frame, though it is there, but hidden underneath. Talking about the screen to body ratio, this one’s has gone beyond 100%. In fact, it is a 180.6% screen to body ratio, which is insane and the highest, if accepted globally by this standard.

Technically it is a flexible display, double folded, which Xiaomi has perfectly wrapped around the body. The company is calling it a Surround Display.

There are no buttons on either side of the phone; pressure-sensitive volume keys are placed on the side of the device. Same way, the icons for network signals, battery and others are showing on the side.

Huawei recently introduced the concept of virtual volume keys on its Mate 30 Pro that also has a screen wrapping around the edge of the phone at 88 degrees, but Xiaomi seems to have left them behind.

There is no front camera for selfies. Xiaomi says there is no need to have a selfie camera and waste the space on this phone. The rear triple camera setup can do the job with more ease while the back display becomes the viewfinder.

Mi MIX Alpha boasts Samsung’s newly developed 108MP camera sensor which is largest so far and relies on a huge 1/1.33 inch sensor which is too big for a smartphone. It can easily gather a lot of light for incredible low light photography. Inside, it combines pixels into 2×2 squares and produces 27MP images.

Rest of the specifications include a Snapdragon 855+ chipset, 5G connectivity, 12GB RAM, and 512GB internal memory. One would expect an enormous battery with this phone, but Mi MIX Alpha comes with 4,050 mAh of the battery along with 40W fast charging capability hinting that the entire screen on both sides of the display won’t remain active simultaneously but only when the phone will be rotated, it will auto turn on.

Nothing much can be said about this phone as it would be really challenging for Xiaomi to mass-produce it at an affordable price. The phone will undergo the production line in limited quantity in a few month time. The offering price is $2,800, and for now, it seems only for the dedicated tech lovers who can spend lavishly only anything new.

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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