There is a new feature coming for WhatsApp users that will allow them to stop anyone from adding them into the group without consent.

The new feature which is in the beta testing at the moment will strengthen privacy a little more.

With this feature, the WhatsApp users will be able to screen the invitations they receive from groups. At the moment, a WhatsApp user can be added by any group without prior permission.

WABetaInfo, a site dedicated to WhatsApp related news, describes that there will be three options for a user. “Nobody”, “My Contacts”, “Everyone”.

With “Nobody” option a user will always receive an invitation when someone wants to add him/her into any group. A user can not be added automatically into a group.

My Contacts: As the name suggests that only those in the contact list of a user can add him/her into the groups.

Everyone: It is open to everyone to add anyone into the group without prior permission.

Users can soon experience this feature in the WhatsApp beta version which is meant to test any planned feature before making it a part of the stable version. If you wish to try this beta version, you can download the app from here.

Please do note that beta version carries a lot of bugs so you might not experience a smooth sail.

The upcoming feature was earlier part of WhatsApp business but now it is going to be a part of WhatsApp regular.


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