Whatsapp Brings Picture in Picture Mode (PiP) to All Android Users

Whatsapp has finally released the Picture in Picture mode (PiP mode) for Android, a feature that the iOS users have been availing since the beginning of 2018. This feature allows the users to play videos from other apps within the chat window instead of opening the respective app.

Being one of the best apps in the Playstore, Whatsapp always keeps rolling out such updates to keep its user up to date.

Thanks to the latest update of the app, if you click on any link sent to you from Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr and other, Whatsapp won’t take you to that app instead it will open the video within the chat window.

On tapping the link the PiP mode makes the video, play on the top half of the window. You can also grab and drag the video to place it wherever you want on the screen. You can also convert the video to full screen and navigate through it as well.

While this feature still has support for limited platforms, Whatsapp aims to expand it to more social media platforms and websites.

Whatsapp is also testing another feature to soon roll out to its Android users– simultaneous group call. For now usesrs have to add members individually in their video call. This feature will allow the users to group call to all members at the same time.



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