Vivo Nex and Vivo Apex: are they different phones?

Vivo stunned the world at MWC 2018 by showcasing its concept smartphone, the Vivo Apex. Since it was a concept phone, no exact launch date or information about the mass production was revealed back then.

Although Vivo officially announced the Apex to go into mass production in mid-2018. Recently Vivo Nex was launched on June 12 with a few amendments to the original concept design and the phone sold like hot cakes. It initially only launched in China and was sold out in just 4 hours from the beginning of its sale.

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A famous leaker Ben Geskin shared a picture of the two phones side by side with a caption implying that the Apex was only a concept phone and Vivo Nex is the retail phone. However, we didn’t quite agree with the impression that Vivo Nex is actually the retail version of Vivo Apex.

Vivo Nex and Vivo Apex
Vivo Nex (L) and Vio Apex (R). Image: Ben Geskins

 Although both of the phones don’t host a notch,  if we look closely, the Apex has bold and pointy corners and edges while the screen corners on the Nex are much more rounded and the chin on the Nex is much larger than the concept.

It might be entirely possible that the company is having hardware compatibility issues or manufacturing hindrances in materializing the design of Vivo Apex for mass production so they decided to go with subtle differences in the form of Vivo Nex.

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It’s normal for phone makers to tangle upon something in a phone’s design that, no matter how redundant, is solely responsible for the delay in phone’s manufacturing. The same happened with RED Hydrogen One resulting in the delay in the phone’s launch.

Contrary to the earlier leaks, Vivo Nex doesn’t come with the water resistance and has a larger size than the Vivo Apex concept. The phone launched on 12th June and has caused quite a stir in tech circles with its innovative design.

Vivo Nex doesn’t look to reach to the level of refinement that is shown in the Apex concept. Maybe the company has still a lot of work to do before launching a phone like the Apex and that might be the exact reason why these two phones are different.

Vivo may transform the present Nex into a much better-refined handset but for now, they are two entirely different phones.

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