Chinese Manufacturer Vivo has silently launched its sub-brand IQOO. The announcement was made on social media platform Weibo but nothing has been yet told about the future plan of the company. However, there are some speculations revolving around the launch of the new brand.

Since Vivo is already selling smartphones from flagships like Vivo Nex to the lower mid-range devices like the Vivo Y91, it is strongly speculated that Vivo’s sub-brand iqoo will be targeting the flagship arena and will be launching futuristic and high-end phones.

Sub-brands are a popular way for big manufacturers to infiltrate deep in the market. For example, Huawei uses the Honor brand to target the audience with a lower budget as compared with Huawei’s phones. Since Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus, all are owned by BBK Electronics, the future of the Vivo’s sub-brand iqoo is seems uncertain. Just like soon after Oppo founded the Realme sub-brand, it became a standalone company and has released some pretty amazing phones like the Realme 2 pro.

So what are Vivo’s plans for iqoo? That may be a hard one to answer for now but considering that Vivo accumulates most of its revenue from mid-range smartphones, the sub-brand iqoo might be used to target cutting edge technology in the smartphone industry.

The image along with the post on the iqoo’s Weibo page shows some futuristic urban landscape. This might also be the hint that we might see some state of the art cellphone tech from Vivo’s sub-brand iqoo in the coming days.



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