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US may allow working with Huawei on 5G technology standards; Reuters

Huawei 5G Technology

US Department of Commerce is looking to set some new rules that would allow US companies to work with Huawei once again for setting standards on 5G technology, Reuters reports. The dispute that was started last year confused most of the US engineers and forced them to stop coordinating with Huawei for working on the 5G standards.

The fact that Huawei is the largest telecom equipment maker and miles ahead in the 5G technology has put considerable pressure on the US engineers who are found silent in the meetings that are meant to discuss that how telecom equipment from multiple manufacturers across the world would work in harmony for a specific technology, Reuters reports while citing several officials.

The feud between Huawei and the US started back in May 2019 when the latter put a ban on the former and stopped all US entities from working with Huawei on the pretext of spying charges. It appears the year-long battle has put the US at a disadvantage more than a Chinese equipment maker. Experts are of the view that placing a ban on Huawei would strike badly with the global market since companies rely on each other’s technology, and 5G needs more close integration than ever before.

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While talking to the news agency, the senior director of policy (ITI), Asia Naomi Wilson said, “As we approach the year mark, it is very much past time that this is addressed and clarified,” as according to her the competition between US companies and Huawei for the 5G technology is hurting both sides. The U.S government policies are disrupting the technological relationships. She states, “their policies have inadvertently caused U.S. companies to lose their seat at the table to Huawei and others on the entity list.” So, banning to do business with Huawei is having a negative implication on the US.

Huawei, along with ZTE, are two of the major players in the 5G race. Refusing to work with them would restrict US companies to figure out everything again from the beginning. Six U.S senators, including China Hawks, Marco Rubio, James Inhofe, and Tom Cotton, sent a letter to US secretaries showing concerns for the lack of participation from the US in the 5G supremacy race. The letter stated, “We are deeply concerned about the risks to the U.S. global leadership position in 5G wireless technology as a result of this reduced participation”.

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Given the COVID-19 circumstance, the U.S government finds it highly unlikely to spare funds to fast track the race. Therefore, a mutual agreement is necessary for the world to gain a superior form of the internet. This 5G technology holds the key to the future, and the world would benefit from it in many ways; however, the collaboration between Huawei and US companies is not certain yet. The process of making new rules may take a long time. Moreover, in case of any objections place on the new set of rules. Weeks or even months would pass before it reaches its final form.    

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