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US lifts Huawei ban for 90 days, Smartphones will get updates until August

Huawei ban

The internet went crazy this weekend when Google announced the suspension of business with the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, Huawei due to the U.S government’s regulations. It is still early for us to see a conclusive future of the Trump-enforced Huawei ban saga and in the meantime, the Department of Commerce has given Huawei a temporary license lasting 90 days to maintain its current products.

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In this time period, the Chinese company can work with US corporations to provide support to its existing smartphone users. At the same time, Huawei will also be able to maintain business relationships with companies like Google, Intel, Qualcomm, etc.  to release software updates to its existing hardware.

This limited license does not mean that all of the company woes are behind it and the relations between the US government and Huawei is patched. With the 90 day license which is due to end on 19th August 2019, Huawei can only provide updates or security patches for the devices that are already available in the market.

It still cannot release any new smartphone that relies on the technology sold or licensed by a U.S. company including Google’s Android. This means the company has only three months until the Huawei ban comes back in full swing.

The company has confirmed that they have a Plan B in place for such outcome and is already working on its own operating system (reported to be called Hongmeng for now) in case that it needs to part ways with Android but we hope that it does not come to that in the future.

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