US government wants to ban end-to-end encryption

end-to-end encryption

The US government is thinking about banning end-to-end encryption for good. Senior Trump officials met this week to decide whether they want to create legislation prohibiting the tech companies from using the encryption that cannot be accessed by law-enforcement agencies.

The news was reported by Politico, which further stated that the government is mulling over two solutions, one to put out the White House’s official stance on end-to-end encryption and let the industry decide on a solution and the other to ask Congress for legislation and ban it altogether.

Nowadays, all major tech companies, including Apple, Google, and Facebook, use end-to-end encryption to provide privacy in the internet age. The abolishment of this luxury will leave millions of people vulnerable to hacking and security failures and even will aid cyber attacks or spying on data.

Majority of tech companies that offer end-to-end encryption provide their services outside of America as well, and we are not certain how the ban will affect the international users. The law enforcement argues that the security feature helps criminals evade the justice system and makes it difficult to crack down on terrorism, child pornography, and drugs trafficking.

Watering down the security protocols or even creating backdoors in the system will leave people’s data vulnerable and will cause a long-standing rift between the government and Silicon Valley.


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