TikTok creator is developing its own smartphone

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Bytedance, the parent company behind the internet sensation, TiTok is reportedly working on its own smartphone, according to Financial Times. The industry sources have revealed to the media outlet that the new device will come with a range of pre-installed mobile apps offered by the company including content aggregation platform TopBuzz and news platform News Republic.

The company made a deal with Smartisan and has already acquired some of its talent (employees) which will help in the creation of their first-ever smartphone. There are no details available about the specs and design of the device yet but it will most likely try to capture the attention of teens and the budget mobile phone segment.

It is not the first time a software company has ventured into the land of smartphones. Previously, Amazon launched its Fire Phone to promote its services and later on Facebook partnered with HTC to develop a dedicated smartphone for its users. Though the two projects were a complete failure, we cannot say for sure whether a TikTok smartphone will share the same fate.

Bytedance will probably try to ride the fame of TikTok which is popular in expanding markets like China and India. We have to wait and see how the company’s offering will lure smartphone users because in the presence of brands like Huawei, Samsung, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, etc. why would anyone switch to an unknown brand when they can simply download the TikTok app from the Google Play store.

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