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These are the Best Weather Apps For Your Smartphone

It’s frustrating when you head to office or college or university in the morning and come across an unexpected pour down of rain. This is why knowing about the weather is equally important for all of us as our day’s routine depends on it and while you may not predict the weather, some of the apps come pretty close to perfectly predicting it. Here are some of the best weather apps you can download today for your smartphone.


Though we have already featured this app in our list of best apps of 2018, it just keeps getting better, which earns it a top spot on this list. It has been around for a long time and not only is the 1weather app one of the best west apps for Android, but it is also one of the highest rated ones.

it comes with the standard features which include daily and hourly forecasts. The design is also very clean and crisp but what makes it most reliable is the accuracy in predicting the weather conditions and the temperature outside. The 1weather app also supports widgets and 25 languages.

Though you can download it for free and it works perfectly well in the free version, you can also pay for the additional features within the app.

Dark Sky

Initially, for iOS, the dark sky finally made its way to Android shortly and is considered one of the best weather apps since then. It gives up-to-the-minute weather updates, drawing all of its data from its own weather service which gives you a perfect prediction almost every time.

It is the most detailed weather app that can give you a minute count about the change in weather so that you don’t get your clothes wet in case you are out in the open. Though the app is free to use, there are certain features that can only be availed with a paid subscription like notification alerts about the change in weather, a daily weather summary and minute alerts.

However, the free version of Dark Sky is laced with daily and weekly forecasts, weather maps, and current conditions. Not bad at all considering that you are paying nothing for it.

Carrot Weather

If you in for a bit of comedy and snark, Carrot weather will keep you entertained while it fetches the latest hourly to weekly updates for you. It also has voice feedback too. just don’t get offended when it calls you a “meatbag”.

It fetches its weather data from four different sources including Dark Sky. This makes it one of the most accurate weather apps out there.

However, if you are not a fan of comedy, you can always turn it off and on. Other than that, Carrot weather provides a detailed forecast in a minimalistic manner with appealing color themes and a beautiful layout. You’ll definitely love this one.

Accu Weather

Accu Weather is a pretty solid weather app. It features all the basics as well as extended weather forecasts, hourly forecasts and many more.

Other great features of Accu Weather include its Android Wear support and the MinuteCast, which enables it to predict the changes in weather minute-by-minute. The app itself is pretty detailed along with which it also offers an array of widgets that could fit on your home screen beautifully giving you the weather update at a glance. Accu weather deservedly proves its place among the best weather apps.

Google Weather

Google weather best weather apps

When it comes to the best weather apps, Google cannot be just forgotten. The simplest and one of the most reliable weather service is right on your phone and you don’t even need to install an app for it.

All you need to do is long press your home button on Android. It will launch the Google Assistant and though you can ask it anything, it also gives you a quick weather check too.

Weather Underground

Now owned by The Weather Channel, weather underground is still going strong when it comes to predicting weather conditions and providing timely updates. Like all others, it also features all the basics so we won’t bore you with that.

Other than that it also includes health info such as UV risk, local flu outbreaks, and pollen. There are person weather stations all over the place in its hyperlocal weather report which means it delivers you an accurate weather report closer to your actual location.

The best thing in that it provides all the features in the free version but with ads. Premium version only removes ads but features stay the same so if you are ok with the ads, you won’t need to buy the premium.

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