Shortly after the launch of highly innovative Vivo Nex Dual Screen Smartphone, the company is gearing up for another device that will reportedly redefine the design standards in the industry. The smartphone will launch on January 24.

The device is called “The Waterdrop” phone at the moment and although the company has not revealed anything about the mysterious handset, it has already been making rounds thanks to the renowned tipster IceUniverse who leaked the images of the device.

The image of the launch invitation was posted in a recent tweet by the leaker which showed the launch date of the phone written beneath a waterdrop.

The Waterdrop phone

The early picture of the phone showed the side of the phone that apparently looked somewhat fluid in its nature. Whatever it may be, it seems that it will be a big surprise for everyone as IceUniverse has not held back in boasting about the phone and its design.

The Waterdrop phone design leak

It seems Vivo is finally stepping up its game to stand up to big guns and it won’t be long when the Chinese maker will have its name among the top smartphone makers in the world.



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