Tax On Mobile Phone To Pay On Reaching Pakistan; An Easy Calculator

Tax On Mobile Phone Calculator

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The following calculator gives you an option to select;

  1. The price of the mobile device in dollars
  2. Select the dollar-Pak-Rupee exchange rate and check for yourself how much tax on mobile phone and other duties you will need to pay to customs.

This is the very carefully designed calculator but brings approximate figure of taxes and duties so bear in mind a little variation at the time of assessment by the customs official.

What Else I Need To Know

If you are coming to Pakistan, you could be a resident, an expatriate or a foreigner. Whichever category you belong to, you should know the tax on the mobile phone that you might need to pay at the airport or any customs house nearby.

The government of Pakistan has implemented a “mobile tax policy” which enforces specific duty and tax on the mobile phone you carry.

You shouldn’t be worried about taxes or duties if;

  1. You plan to use a mobile phone on roaming during your stay
  2. You plan to use a local mobile SIM but during your stay of maximum 30 days. After 30 days, your phone in use shall be liable to local taxes.

As per the policy, you can bring five mobile phones in Pakistan in a year. Only one of them is free from taxes, and for the rest, you will need to pay the taxes, no matter if you want to gift someone, sell it or use it.

The limit of 5 mobile phones will reset on every December 31st, and you can become eligible for five more mobile phones next year.

Please note you need to download this form, fill it and provide this in print format along with the IMEI number and identification to the customs official at the airport for registering your device with PTA and assessing the tax.

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