Most Popular Smartphone Myths That Are Absolutely False

Smartphones have become the necessity of almost every person nowadays and like everything else, our curious nature has resulted in certain smartphone myths that hold no ground when it comes to well-researched facts.

With so many myths and urban legends floating around smartphones, it’s getting hard to tell what’s true and what’s not. Here, we have tried to tackle the misinformation being spread about your pocket companion and have busted some popular myths.

Charging Your Phone Overnight Will Damage its Battery

Charging phone

This is arguably the most popular myth and it can not be more wrong. Majority of people use their phone during every hour of the day and sometimes are busy enough to forget about charging it during the day so they leave it charging at night only to wake up to a 100% battery. This is absolutely normal.

Overnight charging never damages your battery. This myth comes from old days when phones had nickel-ion batteries and there was a problem called “memory-charge” while today’s smartphones use a lithium-ion battery that can effectively regulate their power management.  When you plug your smartphone to charge, it will stop charging once it reaches 100% so you won’t have to worry about “over-charging”

More Megapixels Means a Better Smartphone Camera

Back when digital cameras were so popular, more megapixels might have been better but that ended with the inception of the smartphone camera. The more amount of megapixels actually mean how big picture can it take which honestly doesn’t have to do anything with the color reproduction and picture quality.

If you are looking for a good camera phone, forget about megapixels and look for other things that matter like the image sensor quality, the lens, and the image processor. Smartphone manufacturers trick people into thinking that their product has the better camera only because it has more megapixels but that’s actually not the case.

Closing Background Apps Makes Phone Faster and Saves Battery

background apps

I have seen people who literally close down their recently used apps as often as after every 5 minutes only because they think that doing so will boost up phones performance and battery because the apps are using more resources. While this may seem justified, it cannot be more horribly wrong.

Both Android and iOS allow apps to run in the background for swift multitasking but when an app is in the background, your OS limits its usage but keeps it at hand so that whenever you click, it opens quickly. By killing apps and starting them again for use, you are draining more battery and much more resources than letting them stay in the background.

Using Your Phone at Petrol Station Can Blow it Up

Mobile phone usage at petrol station

Not only is this horribly wrong but also annoying as well because sometimes when you are there on the station and using the phone, people actually tell you to put it away or it would blow the petrol station.

In fact, a lot of studies have been conducted on this matter to see whether smartphone usage can ignite a spark on petrol station that may lead to a fierce fire. All of the studies have concluded in a single point that this is not possible under normal conditions, however, there are certain hypothetical conditions in which this might become true but that too has been limited only to a theory for now.

Charging Your Phone With Other Chargers Can Damage Its Battery

Phone chargers

This myth exists only to rip off money from you and make you pay more in the name of “original charger”. You can also use chargers from other brands as well. For instance, if you own a Huawei phone, you can use a Samsung charger as well. It is plain wrong that you should only use the charger that came with the phone.

However, you should be aware of the replica chargers and cheap knockoffs that are available in the market. Besides that, there is no harm in using other branded chargers. Some of the Huawei phones, nowadays, have a Supercharge technology that only activates with the combination of the cable and charger that came with the phone.

You can also use other chargers on such type of phones and while they may not supercharge the device, they will certainly not damage the battery.

Charging Via Car Charger or Laptop Damages the Battery

Charge phone with laptop

This is again a prevalent misconception among many smartphone myths. Contrary to popular belief, you can as much charge your phone with a laptop or car charger as you like and it won’t damage the battery at all.

Charging your phone in this manner will only result in a slow charge but that has absolutely nothing to do with damaging the health of the battery.

That’s about it! These are the currently prevailing most popular myths about modern smartphones. If you have anything interesting to add, do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Yes these myths have been around for so long now. I have seen companies ephasizeing how many megapixels camera their smartphone has. Warning of not using phones at every petrol station is still exists if we go to petrol stations nowadays too. So many people still believes in these myths.

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