Like It or Not, Smartphone Innovation by Oppo Goes Beyond Apple, Samsung and Huawei

Oppo Smartphone innovation

Oppo’s brand name was registered in China in 2001 which became the foundation stone of one of the most innovative brands in the smartphone industry. Later in 2004, the company came to life and has developed into what we now see as the ‘Selfie expert.’

As of June 2016, Oppo became the biggest retailer in China, with  200,000 retail outlets and though Huawei surpassed it in 2017, a constant tug has been going on within Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi to top the Chinese market again.

But how and why did Oppo rise to such glory with such humble beginnings? One term, “Smartphone Innovation.” It is safe to say that Oppo, today, stands as one of the most innovative brands in the smartphone industry.

Let’s go back in time to see the most amazing things that Oppo has contributed to this ever-growing tech-industry.

Redefining the Smartphone Design

Remember when we used to have big bezels and bulky phones back in 2013, the company did not hold back even then to go all out on smartphone design. Now that we are having movable cameras in the phone like Vivo Nex, Oppo did it back in 2013 with its Oppo N1, the first phone with a movable camera.

oppo N1
Oppo N1

The phone carried a 13MP main camera with f/2.0 lens which also rotated to 180°, moved to the front to become one of the best selfie cameras of its time. The N1 also had an O-Touch pad at its back which could be used to scroll, launch the camera and take a picture.

In the N1, you had to manually rotate the camera to the front, to take a selfie. Oppo took it up further in smartphone innovation by launching its successor, Oppo N3, which supported the same rotating camera but his time it was motorized. Yes! Oppo invented the motorized camera back in 2015. How amazing is that!

Oppo N3
Oppo N3

The motorized camera was also used to take panoramic shots where you could hold still, and the camera moved to take the shot and not only that, the N3 was company’s first phone to have a fingerprint reader.

Oppo Find X
Oppo Find X

Last but not least, the company reached the apex of smartphone innovation when it launched the Oppo Find X which blew everyone minds away. Find X came as a revolution with its full screen when everybody else was blindly following notches. It also packed a motorized camera and an elegant glass body which made it a beauty to behold.

Screen Technology

What good will be a phone with a poor screen? Not only did Oppo focus on the design language of its devices, but it also came up with many firsts in screen innovation as well.

Oppo Find 5 was truly among the pioneers of 1080p screens. At the time when HTC ruled the smartphone market, Oppo announced the Find 5 back in 2012 which narrowly missed the chance of being the first with a 1080p display, a title that was snatched by the HTC Droid DNA.

Oppo Find 5
Oppo Find 5

At that time, 1080p was only reserved for TVs and it was amazing enough to see a phone sporting this feature.

The focus of smartphone innovation was then fixed on providing better screens but oppo did not hold back. Announced in early 2014, Oppo Find 7 was one of the first ones to support a QHD screen, a feature that even the most recent midrange flagships like the Vivo V11 Pro, don’t have.

Oppo Find 7
Oppo Find 7

Camera Tweaking

Since Oppo takes pleasure in proclaiming itself as the selfie expert, it’s only fair that we recognize the brand’s efforts to gain such proficiency in the camera department.

The history of smartphone camera innovation with Oppo goes back to 2012. Oppo U705T Ulike 2 was allegedly the first phone to receive selfie beautification features for its 5MP front camera.

Oppo U705T Ulike 2
Oppo U705T Ulike 2

The 13MP rotating main camera of Oppo N1 also made its way to one of the best smartphone innovation features regarding the camera. Moreover, the IMX398 image sensor from Sony was first used on Oppo R9s and R9s Plus and later went on to be a much-famed image sensor of its time.

The Oppo F3 Plus was the company’s first phone with a dual selfie camera that was also equipped with all the beauty-features.

Charging technology

Find 7 was one of the earliest phones with the company’s revolutionary fast charging tech, VOOC which transferred an amazing 20W of power at 5V.

Oppo Find X lamborghini Edition
Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition

With time, this VOOC charging transformed into the Super VOOC charging that is still the best fast charging technology in the market right now. Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition equipped with this amazing technology can charge from 0% to 100% in just 35 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, the OnePlus charging hardware was also founded on this technology ass the co-founder and CEO of OnePlus spent his precious 15 years at Oppo as an engineer. So if anything, OnePlus has to thank Oppo for its Dash Charge as it is basically a VOOC rebranded.

Say what you will, Oppo deserves this recognition based on its smartphone innovation over the past few years. Who knew that a company with such humble beginnings will pop up to be one of the most innovative brands. This shows that the Chinese manufacturer has never hesitated to experiment newer technologies and that, right there, might just be the key to its unprecedented success.


  1. Amazing. Chinese are indeed hard working people. Its a matter of time when Chinese manufactureres will top the smartphone market beating Apple and Samsung.


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