Screenshots of Huawei Ark OS leaked online

Huawei Ark OS
Image Source: Android Result

Soon after the Android ban, Huawei confirmed that it is working on a Plan B in case they cannot rely on Google’s operating system in the future. The rumored software which was initially called Hongemeng and now Huawei Ark OS has been leaked in photos.

Reportedly, the screenshots are from the patent filed by Huawei and as you can see in the image, it covers the basic information that the smartphone maker will need to establish its own operating system.

Huawei Ark OS 1

One of the photos shows how different apps would look in the Huawei’s app store while the others merely give an insight into how the software would generally look and feel.

Huawei Ark OS 2

The screenshots only show bare essentials like the type of font Huawei may use or the app permissions settings for the users but we can expect the company to ramp it up to make it look pretty by taking inspiration from EMUI which is one of the best Android skins in the smartphone market.

The new Huawei Ark OS is the company’s last hope to save its smartphone in case the US continues with the apparent ban even after the initial 90-day relief. The company will reportedly release the new operating system before 2019 in China and in mid-2020 in other regions but as it is the case with many patents filling, there is no guarantee of a finished product.

Image Source: Android Result


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