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Samsung Will Launch New Galaxy Phones on April 10

Gone are the days when Samsung only focused on their flagship series like the recent Galaxy S10 lineup. Now the company has got its fingers in many pies and now the mammoth is shifting focus towards the Galaxy Note 10 and other new Galaxy phones.

With the launch of the revamped Galaxy A series, Samsung is trying to take a jab at its Chinese rivals like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.

It’s been barely a month when the Korean giant unleashed the Galaxy Fold and yet another event from the manufacturer is coming up where Samsung will launch new Galaxy phones.

Samsung announced via its official Twitter handle that it will hold a launch event on April 10 but hasn’t quite specified time and place for the event. Most probably the expected launch of new Galaxy phones on the upcoming event will be live streamed on Samsung’s site.

It’s possible we could see several new galaxy phones including the Android Go Galaxy A2 Core, but that might be the least of our expected devices, as the Galaxy A90, Galaxy A70 and perhaps a new member of the Galaxy M smartphones are all likely to debut on the said date.

Though Samsung does not give out information regarding its upcoming devices beforehand, from the teaser one can easily guess that three devices could be making their way to the stage.


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