Samsung to Invest $40 Million in Pokémon Go Creator Company

Samsung is planning to invest $40 Million in Niantec, the creator of the famous game Pokémon Go, to close a deal for games that will exclusively available to Galaxy phones, sources report.

Niantic is setting its target to become a $4 Billion dollar company and is receiving a $200 Million investment out of which around $40 Million is supplemented by Samsung for its game deal.

After the huge global success of Pokémon Go, Niantic is reportedly set to launch its next highly anticipated augmented reality game; Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. 

There are also reports that the new game from Niantic will use the S Pen of Note 9 as the magic wand of Harry Potter in the game, however, it is still unclear whether the game will be released as a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive or a different game altogether.

Samsung has constantly been pushing in the game arena to differentiate itself from its competitors. On the launch of Note 9, we saw Samsung gearing up with Epic Games to bring one of the best action games “Fortnite” to Android, Note 9 being the first phone to receive the game.

Simialrly, we won’t be surprised if Sasmsun makes the collabration announcement with Niantec on the launch on Samsung Galaxy S10, as it is already excpected of the company.

If this deal and investment push through, 2019 will be an important year for both Niantic and Samsung in making advancement in the field of mobile gaming.




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