Samsung Sold 2 Billion Galaxy Smartphones in 10 Years

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During the extravagant and flashy launch of Samsung’s 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 series, the company revealed a startling sales figure. Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh remained silent on the sales figures for too long but on the launch of S10, he enlightened everyone with the fact that the company sold 2 Billion Galaxy smartphones in 10 years.

Since the inception of the Galaxy S series back in 2010, Samsung has remained in the top players in Android world. Though the company has also faced some difficulties in sales, nevertheless, it managed to always stay ahead of the game. The Korean company has stayed at the top of the race since 2012.

A few years back, it might have been unthinkable to match the sales figure and success of Samsung Galaxy smartphone but not now. The Chinese giant Huawei is gaining up on Samsung as fast as it can. Huawei has also beaten Samsung in Russian market recently.

The 2 billion sales figure, however, was not broken down further but it is speculated that the figure mostly consists of Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. However, the midrange segment lineups including the Galaxy j, Galaxy A, Galaxy C, and Galaxy On should have contributed hugely towards achieving this whopping figure.

Huawei, on the other hand, holds a pretty aggressive stance. Earlier in 2018, it challenged both  Samsung and Apple with a 200Million sales figure and most surprisingly it surpassed that figure. This year, the company aims to ship 250 Million smartphones.

As a comparison, Apple also announced back in September that it had sold 2 Billion devices but those devices also contain iPods and iPad while in this case, Samsung’s device is only the Galaxy Smartphones and nothing else.

Also note that Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, 3 years before the launch of Galaxy smartphones. Considering these facts, it’s safe to say that Samsung is gaining up on Apple and it won’t be long when it takes its place.

Image: Phonearena

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