Samsung reveals Its upcoming foldable smartphone

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The hype around foldable phones has once again gained momentum after Samsung showed off key specs and display technology for its upcoming foldable phone on annual developer conference.

After years of rumors and speculation, Samsung finally revealed its foldable display technology called the Infinity Flex display. Samsung demonstrated the new flexible display tech that will come in the still unnamed foldable phone.

Though Samsung disguised some elemental specs of the phone intentionally, what we do know is that this display technology helps the phone to fold from a small-sized tablet into a pocket-sized device.

Samsung Foldable phone

The phone has two screens and opens like a book as suggested by the earlier leaks. A smaller screen is slapped on the front with a size of 4.5-inches and an aspect ratio of an unusual 21:9. The bigger screen will be a 7.3-inch display which will appear upon unfolding the phone like any book. Both the displays carry a 420ppi pixel density.


The display is made of a new type of material (composed of a “composite polymer”) Samsung says it created specifically for a folding device. It can be folded “hundreds of thousands of times” without breaking down, Samsung SVP of Mobile Product Marketing Justin Denison said.

When folded, the smaller display will have a resolution of 840 x 1960 and 1536 x 2152 when unfolded into a bigger one. The unfolded, tablet version is clearly the primary mode for those types of activities, as it has a more standard 4.2:3 aspect ratio and a screen size of 7.3 inches.

Other brands a jumping on the foldable bandwagon too. Huawei also claims to come up with a 5G enabled foldable phone till summer 2019, Oppo has also patented its foldable phone designs. It seems from notches, now we are entering the era of foldable phones soon.

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