Samsung recalls Galaxy Fold devices to investigate faults

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Image Source: T3

Just a day after postponing the launch of Galaxy Fold for an indefinite period, South Korean smartphone manufacturer is recalling all the devices sent to tech reviewers and media outlets.

According to Reuters, Samsung is retrieving all the Samsung Galaxy Fold units to conduct a thorough analysis of the phone’s screen issues and investigate the faults.

The company distributed the $2000 Galaxy Fold smartphone to tech reviewers around the world and to their embarrassment, the device’s screen started facing problems after a day of use.

The fatally wounded Fold devices are suffering due to two reasons; firstly there is an issue with the phone’s screen and folding mechanism and secondly, the company failed to mention that the plastic sheet on the display is not a pre-installed screen protector but a protective film which should not be removed.

Recently, Michael Fisher, a videographer of mobile tech tweeted that the grain of something found its way beneath the display of Galaxy Fold. He further added, “Sending this back to Samsung hoping they figure out a way to seal up that hinge.”

This setback reminds us of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle of 2016 when the phone’s battery started exploding leading to the complete recall of the smartphones and the end of the said device on the shelves.

It is the worst possible start for the company’s revolutionary foldable smartphone and will cause consumer mistrust even after the relaunch of the phone which will affect the expected sales of the device.

Image Source: T3


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