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Samsung Pakistan cheated customer with faulty Galaxy S8

faulty Galaxy S8 by Samsung Pakistan

Even the best smartphone makers in the world are guilty of selling defective devices to its users. The case proved recently by Samsung Pakistan which sold a faulty Galaxy S8 to a user.

Mr. Saqib recently bought Samsung’s flagship device of 2017 only to find out that neither the touch panel nor any sensor was working. Moreover, the faulty Galaxy S8 also faced issues with the software update, so it is safe to say that the flaws lie with both the hardware and software of the device.

Upon realizing the phone’s condition, Mr. Saqib reached out to the same retailer on the very next day demanding that the faulty Galaxy S8 should be replaced as the company’s the one that is at fault.

Instead of hearing his valid claim, he was told that as the smartphone was sold to him, all that is left is to claim the warranty and send it back to the company for repairs. You can see the image of the receipt of the warranty offered by GreenTech.

Samsung faulty Galaxy S8
The reciept of warranty claim issued to Mr. Saqib

The official website of Samsung Pakistan does not specify the conditions for the replacement of defective smartphones at all instead it mentions that their “obligations are limited to repair of the defect or replacement the defective part or at its discretion replacement of the product itself.” A quite ambiguous statement for a company that enjoys the first spot in the list of top smartphone brands around the world.

Samsung does not offer guaranteed replacement for its faulty and defective products

Mr. Saqib was told that he has to wait for one month before he gets any reply regarding his smartphone and there is no guarantee that he will get his handset replaced.

He spent Rs. 74,500 on a faulty Galaxy S8, undoubtedly a huge sum of money and thus, the ethical practice should be to facilitate the customer who was wronged by the company in the earliest possible time.

He also tried to contact Samsung Pakistan through Facebook and posted his complaint on the on their official page but sadly, for the page that has more than 159,000,000 followers, not one company representative reached out to him, especially in the day and age where social media has become a bridge between a company and its users.

Everything now rests on Samsung and how it reviews the case. It is a good thing that the faulty Galaxy S8 was sent back to the company for a warranty claim but without a definitive answer, Mr. Saqib will have to wait for an entire month in the hopes that he may get a replacement product which is not a guaranteed outcome.

Written by Sumaira Mudassar

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  1. That’s so wrong. In my experience Representatives from Samsung or Huawei or perhaps all major companies never reach out to customers over queries related to their products through messages. They only reply to comments about products release with same answers for all and ignore others important queries.

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