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Samsung mobile phone prices increased in Pakistan

Samsung mobile phone prices
Image Source: Techradar

Samsung which had been single-mindedly focusing on its flagship devices, launched its revamped Galaxy A series this year and adopted quite an aggressive strategy by launching phones one after another in just a few months.

Out of its huge lineup which is continuously expanding, the South Korean smartphone giant has introduced five smartphones including Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A70. It has not been too long since their official debut, but new users will have to pay more as Samsung mobile phone prices have increased.

According to the company, the increase in Samsung mobile phone prices can be attributed to the rise in the US Dollar exchange rate. You can check out the new price tags below:

Model New Price Old Price
Galaxy A70 PKR 67,999 PKR 61,999
Galaxy A50 PKR 54,999 PKR 51,999
Galaxy A30 (Review) PKR 40,999 PKR 39,999
Galaxy A20 (Review) PKR 31,500 PKR 29,999
Galaxy A10 (Review) PKR 23,500 PKR 21,500

We will have to wait and see how this move will impact the company’s growth and market share in Pakistan. Lately, many brands, despite the depreciation of Pakistani rupee, have been trying to gather audience towards their devices through events like Ramadan sale or simply cutting the prices.

We also need to brace ourselves for a price increase by other major smartphone brands in the country.

Image Source: TechRadar

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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