Samsung Galaxy S9 continues to struggle with bumpy sales

Galaxy S9

Smartphones are getting much more sophisticated with every innovation and the need to change your phone has somewhat lessened considering the heap of useful features that modern flagships offer.

However, users are also getting more tech-savvy, expecting more from their smartphones and the company that fails to provide innovation resultantly lags behind in the race. Same has happened with Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Although a compelling and attractive device, the S9 did not make a difference in sales. The phone’s sales were recorded even lower than its predecessor, Galaxy S8. According to a Korean outlet The investor, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ hit a record low in March and April collectively even in its own home ground, Korea.

The data in the report was obtained from Korea’s three biggest telecom giants which made a shocking statement that the sales of S9 hit a record lowest mark since the inception of Galaxy S series.

These sluggish sales may be a reflection of the monotonous design that Samsung has used to keep on its latest flagship. The famous leaker IceUniverse also showed his concern on the matter and said that S9’s adoption of the same design as its predecessor has led to its doom in sales.

This has also given a chance to the Chinese mobile phone companies like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi to capture a huge chunk of market share. According to him the Samsung Galaxy S9 in miserably failing at sales and is expected to sell only 28 million units in the whole year where the S8 sold 41 million units in a year of its launch globally.

According to a report by the IDC, Samsung saw a 2.4% decline in shipment volume in the Q1 2018 as compared to 2017 but the initial brisk sales of Galaxy S9 duo kept the company floating on top of market share. The sales, however, are not expected to match that of the previous flagship as Galaxy S8 and S7.

According to Canalys Not only has Samsung lagged behind in its sales in Europe, it has also faced a decline in its market share by a whopping 15.3% difference while on the contrary Huawei, the second largest Android phone maker has seen a huge increase of 38.6% in its market share in Europe in Q1 of 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has just been launched in a new color named “Satiny Gold” by the company. The new version comes after almost 4 months after the original device. It is an unusual step from any phone manufacturer to bring a new color with similar specs after months of launch. Samsung seems a little desperate and wishes to lure its offended fans who wanted a different look on the phone.

There may be two pretty obvious reasons for the sales downfall of the Korean company. Either it can be the monotonous design adoption in the Samsung Galaxy S9 or it could be the insanely high price.

However, the sales pattern clearly indicates that users are growing weary of the highly expensive phones and possibly this will keep haunting Samsung until the company decides to cut the profit margin and compete with Chinese companies that offer the same specs with much lower prices.

Moreover, Galaxy Note 9 is also rumored to come with the same design language as its predecessor. Samsung should pay attention to redefined design in its smartphones and stop replicating a single design multiple times as this is already disappointing the users.

It’s notable that Huawei has already challenged Apple and Samsung by setting its sales goal to 200 million units. Let’s see how the Korean giant responds to its poor sales of Samsung Galaxy S9 considering all the contemporary factors.


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