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Samsung Galaxy S20: The most common problems

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Samsung is taking the lead with its new Samsung Galaxy S20, and the phones come packed with some major promises. Samsung has been trying to up its game as many new competitors are rising to give it a challenge. The Galaxy S20 offers a 6.2-inch display with 1440×3200 pixels. This means that the image quality is going to be top-notch according to mobile standards. Plus, a 64-megapixel camera offers the users a high-quality picture even at 100x zoom. But with all these promises, it comes at no surprise that Samsung left in a few issues with the Galaxy S20.

Over Pricing

Let us talk about the basic issue first, as the Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a price tag of $999 to $1299. This going beyond the $1,000 range means that many people will have to put it into their Wishlist. Many people criticize its hefty price tag and argue that Samsung relies on cheap problematic software. Therefore, them charging a whopping $1000+ for it makes no sense to many consumers.

100x Zoom

Moving on to technical issues, many people are bashing it over its 100x zoom. As Samsung, during its prelaunch marketing campaigns, made bold claims for Galaxy S20’s ability to zoom in 100x without losing picture quality. This, in terms, is not true as the picture loses considerable quality after 30x. So, going 100x makes the pictures look too blurred out. But 30x is still a perfect zoom capacity for the Samsung Galaxy S20. However, it is nowhere close to going 100x with high detail.

Ultra-Sonic Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S20 relies on its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which creates a big issue for its protection. Because in order to use the fingerprint scanner, the screen cannot be fixed with a better and sturdier screen protector. Doing so will affect the phone’s ability to recognize fingerprints with its ultra-sonic scanner. Therefore, the thin film layer is the only compatible protector that Samsung Galaxy S20 is able to use. This makes it very vulnerable to breakage, and because of its hefty price, this seriously becomes an issue.

Missing Headphone Jack

Samsung Galaxy S20 gets rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which many cherished. Although this can be justified as a gesture to move on to wireless earplugs. But as a good majority of music files recommend wire transmission, this can have a significant impact on the quality. Plus, there are many issues with other devices intruding into the Bluetooth transmission. So, removing the headphone jack was not a well-received decision.

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