Samsung Galaxy Note 10; specs, rumors and everything

There is still some time before the world could physically get hold of Samsung’s best craftsmanship for the year in the shape of Galaxy Note 10.

It is the most sought after device from Samsung in 2019 since Galaxy Note 9, and then subsequent S10 variants could not fulfill the appetite of Note fans.

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As the days are passing, we are connecting the dots with every new leak we come across from famous tipsters and here is what we believe we should expect what Galaxy Note 10 will hold for us.

Despite some heartbreaking forecasts from the reliable leakers Max Weinbach (XDA Developer) and Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks) who believe, based on their sources, that Galaxy Note 10 is not coming with a perfect design, we are still keeping our fingers crossed to see a real powerhouse in August.

The exact statement Max tweeted “I think the Note 10 Pro is going to look MUCH worse than people think with current concept designs. Like much much worse”.

And similarly, Steve comments, “It looks bad compared to GalaxyNote9 rear camera design… IMO at least…”

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What kind of bad design would it be? Maybe they are referring to the hole on the front and the layout of the camera on the rear.

Note 10 is reportedly coming with a punch hole which could be center aligned this time unlike the placement on the Galaxy S10.

The phone arena render of the phone shows that it has the lowest curves on each side that will bring more screen area on the front.

Galaxy Note 10 render by PhoneArena
Galaxy Note 10 render by PhoneArena

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Four cameras on the rear of Galaxy S10 5G edition suggests that Note 10 will also feature a similar combination of lenses but with a different layout. It could be a vertical formation of sensors instead of a horizontal alignment. The primary lens could be a 12MP placed aside 12MP telephoto lens, a 16MP ultrawide sensor along with hQVGA 3D-depth sensing camera that is meant to create accurate bokeh and popping portraits.

This could be one of the few similarities between the two flagships. Otherwise, Galaxy Note 10 is a significant improvement in every way.

Gordon Kelly at Forbes believes Galaxy Note 10 to come with UFS 3.0 storage, which is a considerable upgrade from UFS 2.1 that was the part of S10 series. It’s not merely a version upgrade; the new storage has 23.2 Gbps up from 11.6 Gbps in 2.1. Theoretically, the storage will render apps and data 50 times faster.

Another significant performance boost is expected in the shape of 12GB LPDDR4X RAM which is nearly 100 times faster than what S10 has inside. RAM in the Galaxy S10 Plus is based on an almost three years old 20nm architecture whereas DDR4X is a 10nm technology and only 1.1mm thick that also means some more space in favor of battery.

Samsung has already announced to mass produce this module in the second half of 2019 that makes Galaxy Note 10 a very likely gadget to feature the new chip.

Galaxy note 10 is also coming with faster charging that goes as high as 50W which is a significant boost from a 15W charging Galaxy S10 had, and not only that there is a 4500mAh huge battery coming with the higher variant of the Note, most probably the Pro version and/or 5G version.

There are reports that a more economical version of Note 10 might come with a smaller screen size of 6.28 inches but that’s not the only downgrade, it will also feature a smaller 3400 mAh battery as reported by galaxy club which Samsung plans to make available for a wider audience and those Note fans who don’t have deep pockets, something similar to Galaxy S10e.

Image credit: SlashGear

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