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Samsung Galaxy A might feature a pop-up camera

Galaxy A

Rumors are popping around the internet about a Samsung device with a pop-up camera. Many argue that this device might be the new Galaxy A, as that is the one to come shortly. But as other brands have moved on from the Pop-up selfie camera, why would Samsung go back to it. Does it feel that the time is right for this trend to come back, or this might just be another gimmick? Pigtou and OnLeaks are the ones we need to thank for this collaborative leak. Now we can speculate as to why Samsung would bring back such a trend.

Pop up’s Performance in the Past

In the past, Xiaomi, Vivo, Honor, Nokia, and Oppo have tried their luck with the pop-up selfie camera. However, this only provided a minor success to them, as it compromised the integrity of the phone. Even though it was amazing to see a camera pop up amidst the device to take a high-quality picture, but such a mobile component provided a challenge of its own.

No matter how good the camera was and how much screen space its presence saved on a mobile, it always added a few extra grams to the phone, thus making them bulkier. Even Samsung itself followed the punch hole mechanism of putting the front camera, which was in contrast to a motorized mechanism. But now we are getting rumors about Samsung adding this feature in the Galaxy A which seems like the Korean giant plans to get a fair share in this area as well.

A Mid-Range Phone

Samsung has taken a massive hit due to the COVID-19 crisis, which has a significantly negative impact on its sales. Therefore, this attempt to bring back the pop-up camera is just their way to see what sticks to the public. That is why everyone is confident that this attempt will not occur on a flagship device, and Samsung will apply it on a mid-range phone. Due to a limited budget, mid-range phones earn a good profit. This makes Galaxy A the perfect candidate for experimentation.

In the Leaked images, we can see that the device has a triple camera at the rear. Moreover, it has no LED flash on the pop-up camera nor a headphone jack. This reinforces the argument that the new device featuring the pop-up camera would definitely be a mid-range. Whether or not this leak is real remains to be seen, but with Onleak and Pigtou’s background, it might as well be. No matter, we will keep you updated on the latest development regarding Samsung Galaxy A.  

Source: Pigtou, Slashgear, GizmoChina

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