RED Hydrogen One with holographic display soon to launch

RED is a high-end cinema grade camera maker which has produced professional cameras used in Hollywood blockbusters. So it was a surprise when the company announced its first smartphone last year. The company calls it RED Hydrogen One and labels it as the world’s first “holographic media machine”.

The camera maker teased an image of the Hydrogen One and gave the popular YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee a nonfunctional prototype, but not much else was shared about the device for several months.

In a January update on the smartphone’s status, RED’s founder, Jim Jannard, shared additional details for the final product where he said, “I can proudly say that my current phone is a working HYDROGEN One”. This indicates that the company has developed a working prototype which is being used for testing as of now.


Apart from its form factor, the Hydrogen One is nothing like any smartphone currently available in the market. The general look of the Hydrogen One looks rather unconventional like the company’s line of high-end cameras. Part of the phone’s rear is elevated, perhaps to yield more comfort in-hand.

The front of the phone looks pretty standard, with a handful of speaker grills dotted around a 5.7-inch display. The bezels of the phone are pretty hefty and look rather awkward. If the company aims to call it the phone from future, it has to receive an overhaul in design.


The back of the phone will have a dual camera setup. The resolution of the camera is still unknown. It can shoot in 2D (normal), 3D  and even holographic content in 4V format, all without any external module. So you can always switch to your desired mode when shooting with the camera.

As the company claims, the phone is very solid and weighs about 2 ounces more, than most of the 5.7-inch cellphones and the size is just slightly bigger than other 5.7-inch cell phones. The device also has a pin system at the bottom of its back which allows modular components to be attached i.e you can attach an external module for the camera or for the extra battery.

The sides of the phone are grooved for a better and firm grip. The Right side hosts the power button which also acts as the fingerprint scanner. There is also a dedicated button for video recording on the right side along with the power button. On the left, there is the volume rocker. Volume up and down keys are separated by a grooving space between them.

RED has done an applaudable job on keeping the headphone jack alive for the Hydrogen One which rests on the bottom of the phone along with the USB Type-C charging port.

Specs and Features

Hydrogen One is jam-packed with the ultimate features and the premium specs you would expect from any top-notch smartphone manufacturer. With all its support for modular attachments and a display that can switch between 2D and 3D, Hydrogen One will be the first of its kind.


Jim Jannard, RED’s founder, announced that the phone will contain Snapdragon 835. Further, he told that the phone will have dual camera setup on both the front and the rear and users will be able to interact and have video chat in 4V realtime.

Recently the phone appeared on the benchmarking website Geekbench, flashing its scores and giving out all the essential information to know about the phone’s internal. The Phone is confirmed to have Snapdragon 835 accompanied clocking at a base frequency of 1.9 GHz and accompanied by a 6 GB RAM.

Moreover, the phone will also have a dual sim hybrid slot which could be used for two sim cards or one sim along with one micro SD card.

Release Date

RED Hydrogen One release date was going to be this summer following an April launch event but recently the founder of the company posted in Red forum announcing that the launch has been pushed to August because of some software compatibility issues.

He also told about the event that was going to be held on May 19 to showcase advanced prototypes that the company has developed. He also affirmed that the preorders would be shipped way before the launch.

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